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Stay protected against ransomware, malware and spam: Managed e-mail security from the cloud.

Reports about cyber attacks on companies or authorities are in the news regularly these days. Blackmail trojans, spyware and other malware find their way onto computers and into networks again and again—and the consequences are often catastrophic. One click is enough and financial damage, data leaks and paralysed IT infrastructures become inevitable. In addition, the reputation of the company concerned suffers in the long term.

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But it’s not only large companies that are affected by this. More and more SMEs are also falling victim to these attacks, which are carried out by e-mail in the vast majority of cases. The attackers are becoming increasingly professional, and the AI-based creation of phishing emails or Phishing as a Service offers give them powerful tools with which, for example, effective spear phishing can be carried out.

Comprehensive e-mail security for all.

The criminals often focus on companies that cannot effectively defend themselves against these attacks with their existing resources and financial means. Often there is a lack of the required skilled workers to ensure the continuous maintenance and reconfiguration of the deployed security solution. So what options do such companies have to protect themselves effectively? The answer is Managed Anti-Spam, which Bechtle offers as a managed service in cooperation with its vendor partner, NoSpamProxy.

With Managed Anti-Spam, Bechtle provides customers with a highly available platform made in Germany that combines the latest technical developments and ease of use in one solution. In using this platform, customers place the protection of their entire e-mail communication in the hands of experienced email security experts—and save themselves the expense of personnel, IT infrastructure, installation or training.

Strong partnership as a basis for professional security services.

Managed Anti-Spam is now available via the Bechtle Clouds portal, building on the strong partnership between Bechtle and NoSpamProxy. The two companies have been offering reliable IT services together since 2010 and can thus look back on an intensive and successful cooperation.

With Managed Anti-Spam, you can add a flexible and highly scalable solution for secure e-mail communication to your portfolio. It has never been so easy to protect electronic communication from attacks and at the same time ensure legal security and GDPR compliance—uncomplicated and flexibly bookable as a managed service.

Stay protected against ransomware, malware and spam.

Among other things, Managed Anti-Spam ensures the best possible security by evaluating the sender's reputation by checking the SPF, DKIM and DMARC entries as well as the intelligent attachment and URL management. Malicious links in e-mails and documents are safely detected and defused. Currently popular attacks such as CEO fraud—also known as whaling—or the distribution of malicious code in infected Office documents are also recognised and the attacks are repelled.

Customers can always be sure that they are optimally protected, as the configuration is kept up-to-date by a team of experts. The latest features are also automatically imported and are immediately available and usable. With Managed Anti-Spam, however, the focus is not only on security features but also on ease of use and operation:

  • The solution is immediately available and usable without installation. Customers benefit directly from effective spam protection, secure e-mail encryption and easy sending of large files by e-mail
  • Configuration and maintenance are not the responsibility of the customer. We guarantee full functionality and ongoing operations. This way, resources can be used for other projects
  • Customers avoid initial investments such as the purchase of the software and the acquisition, operation and maintenance of servers. You also save on follow-up costs that can arise from resizing your infrastructure.

Confidentiality and data protection through e-mail encryption and signature.

Industrial espionage and automated e-mail screening by intelligence agencies are the two most headline-grabbing reasons for using e-mail encryption. In many industries, encrypted communication with suppliers or external service providers is a prerequisite for awarding a contract, because encryption protects sensitive data from illegal access and at the same time provides legally secure proof of documents sent by e-mail. This also enables the GDPR-compliant exchange of information. The Encryption add-on provides customers with another building block for optimising e-mail security, allowing them to protect data from third-party access and implement corporate policies without complicated user interaction.

Managed Certificates, which is provided by the manufacturer, also eliminates the time-consuming organisation and administration of certificates. The connection to the corresponding Active Directory group allows the certificates to be created automatically and renewed before expiry. This centralisation leads to a drastic reduction in administrative work. But not only that, the solution already supports the future S/MIME 4.0 standard, making e-mail communication not only secure, but also future-proof.

The next step for e-mail security.

Together with our partner NoSpamProxy, we are able to offer our customers professionally managed security services with a high degree of flexibility and modularisation. Simple and quick-to-use service packages with the excellent combination of functionality paired with a professional managed service.

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This post was published on Jan 17, 2022.