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How often do you open the newspaper to read about yet another ransomware attack extorting enormous sums of money from hapless victims? Other cyber threats get less press coverage but may be even more dangerous. You can’t afford to focus only on immediate concerns—it’s imperative to implement a comprehensive security strategy that thinks long term. This requires multiple integrated security levels, as simple one-off solutions usually fall short.

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Zero-day protection – How fast is fast enough?


There are circumstances that require a lightning-fast response. Like when the vulnerabilities slumbering undetected by users or developers—and therefore unfixed by updates or patches—are exploited for maximum gain before the targeted business has time to respond.


Bechtle will advise you on all the strategic and technological questions you’ll need to consider in order to defend yourself against zero-day attacks. You can rely on our professional expertise to help you win the race against cyber criminals.



Perimeter security – Is your data centre watertight?


Securing your perimeter through central firewall systems and virtual private networks (VPN) is a core component of any IT security strategy, stopping intruders from penetrating your business network via the Internet. But new security gaps are constantly emerging, for instance through wireless connections. Firewalls may not always protect you against application attacks or vulnerabilities arising from software defects.


Bechtle offers comprehensive expertise to ensure your business network is protected all around. Ask us about select vendor solutions delivering tailored tools to keep your perimeter watertight against attacks and data leaks.


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Endpoint security – Keeping the complexity under control.


Cyber threats like ransomware, viruses, trojans, rootkits and spyware are all lying in wait, watching for an open door through which to attack your business network. And that door can be one of the many end devices your employees use. Traditional antivirus programs are often simply not enough. All it takes is a careless click on an e-mail attachment or link—then it’s time for damage control.


Bechtle will help your business implement carefully selected solutions by trusted vendors for a precision fit with your existing security architecture. Artificial intelligence and cloud resources can also help keep your endpoint security up to date and in tip-top shape.


Online from 16 October 2017

The new GDPR – Will your business be ready?


GDPR refers to the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation. Although it’s set to take effect throughout Europe on 25 May 2018, the majority of businesses and government offices aren’t yet sufficiently prepared. And that can mean bothersome fines.


It’s therefore essential to act now and adapt the processes, procedures, systems and structures you use to process data. A project plan based on prior analysis and risk assessment will allow you to master this challenge, and Bechtle’s experienced and certified specialists will help you get started.


Online from 30 October 2017