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Mobile solutions – communication without limits.

How we work together will change dramatically in the near future. The availability of employees and how they communicate (unified communications), collaboration over a global network and the integration of mobile workers are major challenges facing a business's IT.


And what's really interesting is the merging of data, language and video in the next-generation workplace. It will mean a whole new way of working together. Businesses that start preparing for that shift now will give themselves a decided edge over their competitors and save costs while doing it.


The advantages of mobile communication:

  • Employees have access to information from anywhere and at any time
  • Lower costs by cutting down on required office space
  • Employees save time by not having to drive to work
  • Employees are more motivated, healthy and efficient
  • Team meetings can take place any time and anywhere with collaboration tools

Bechtle has extensive experience and specialised knowledge in mobile enterprise management with its Competence Center Mobile Solutions.


Our mobility experts and IT consultants can help you choose the ideal Apple products and solutions that best suit your individual requirements. Together, we will help you devise an ideal strategy and coarse of action for your business.

iPad and iPhone solutions are the perfect match.

Today, iPads and iPhones have become so common place in everyday business that you wouldn't want to do without them. They give employees the necessary flexibility and increase their productivity whenever and wherever they go.– Numerous business applications enable managers, sales personnel and database workers innovative ways to do their work. As a certified partner, Bechtle can help you every step of the way to securely integrate mobile end devices in your business.


Integration of your personal and your business mobile end devices.


Mobile workers need the right productivity tools on their Apple devices. And workers who want to use their own devices for both personal and business use (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), IT departments are faced with big challenges in terms of security and compatibility.– This trend can no longer be stopped. But, businesses can plan ahead to be prepared. The specialists from the Bechtle Competence Center Mobile Solutions can help you get ready for this new age mobility and equip your business to get through it without being exposed to its risks.


Mobility management made easy.

Business that benefit from mobile end devices also need comprehensive mobile end device management. In particular, secure integration into the company network, compliance with policies, and the setup of an appropriate IT infrastructure must be considered.


The Bechtle Competence Center Mobile Solutions has recognised these challenges and developed innovative mobility services to meet them:

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM)


The focus of these services is on the secure integration and connection, as well as the efficient management of mobile end devices. Certified mobile solutions experts take a holistic approach and highlight aspects such as security, compliance, policies and access to business-sensitive data.


Additionally, we can advise you on the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), which is a quick and easy way to get company Macs and iOS devices up and running, as well as the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). The VPP allows your organisation to easily pick apps and to buy and deploy them in large numbers.


What's special about this, is that through EMM, MAM and MCM, a secure and scalable architecture is created that puts user experience first. Additionally, the Bechtle Competence Center Mobile Solutions also offers the following services:


  • Consulting and workshops
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Consulting services and sale of different EMM solutions
  • Installation, administration and training in EMM solutions
  • Secure integration of mobile devices in company networks


  • Installation and support for complementary products
  • Project support
  • Training
  • Application development for mobile solutions
  • Service and maintenance contracts


Bechtle specialists help you connect, operate and manage mobile devices with industry-leading products and solutions from Apple. As an IT partner, Bechtle focuses on achieving your business interests and goals. The 24-hour support and round-the-clock service package also make it easier to integrate the end devices into your business processes.

Design and planning in five steps.

Only with the right strategy can your business take full advantage of the benefits offered by mobile communication. Our 5-point mobility plan is an integrated solution that simplifies Apple device management while providing maximum protection. Each of the five modules ensures you get the right solution.

1. Planning

The first step, of course, is a professional consultation. This is then followed by a workshop that will devise the right strategy for your business.

2. Deploy

Not every mobile device is created equally when it comes to mobile communication. After selecting the ideal device, procurement and configuration options, the hardware is deployed in your business.

3. Management (SAM)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile App Mangement (MAM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) ensure secure and efficient management of your mobile devices. Bonus: Thanks to SWAP services, mobile end devices are quickly and easily exchanged.

4. Security

Protection of your business's sensitive data is especially important for mobile communication. Thanks to Secure Network Access, Data Protection and Endpoint Protection your business is in good hands.

5. Support

Mobility support is an important topic, especially for employees who work out of office. With helpdesk services and remote EMM support, we take care of your employees even when they're on the go. Thanks to warranty services and SWAP services, we are always there to help your employees.

Real-life examples.

Don't just take our word for it, see what others had to say about our IT expertise in other projects and convince yourself.


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