Macs for business: 8 good reasons:

When a business chooses a Mac, it opts for a powerful, stable and flexible system. Send e-mail, plan meetings, create impressive presentations and business documents — perform all your business tasks, immediately after unpacking it.

The Mac. Perfect for business.

Whether notebook or desktop – every Mac is jam-packed with the latest technology, most advanced features and reliable security functions for any business requirement. Never before has a business had so much performance and productivity at its fingertips.

8 good reasons that make the Mac the best choice for businesses:


1. The Mac is easy to use and makes every employee more productive.

User friendliness has become synonymous with the Mac. And anyone who has ever held an iPhone or iPad in his hands, will be immediately familiar with the Mac. The Apple platform offers a transparent and secure system, and most of its features and functions that normally have to be configured by the IT department can be easily configured by each user himself without any support. Mac users are more productive and efficient and can maintain the system themselves. On a Mac, the user matters, not the device. 


2. The Mac is stable and secure.

Mac systems have a UNIX-based operating system, firewall, gatekeeper, xProtect, sandboxing, FileVault, and can be automatically kept up-to-date. Macs are far less vulnerable to malware than Windows systems. The stable and secure UNIX kernel with integrated security measures eliminates the need for additional antivirus software. With the integrated FileVault system, you can encrypt your entire hard drive with one click, and block unauthorized access even in the event of loss or theft. The new MacBook Pro also comes with Touch Bar, Touch ID and a reliable fingerprint sensor that users will be familiar with from the iPhone, which lets you switch directly between users. 


3. The Mac instantly makes your business more attractive.

Not only for attracting new employees, but also for hanging on to the ones you already have, the Mac is a solid argument. Especially younger employees expect an appropriate digital environment and attractive tools. The want-to-have effect of a Mac is a definite plus and persuasive argument:„ According to a JAMF survey, 75% of users choose a Mac when given the choice by their employer. Both new and existing employees, who have the freedom to choose the equipment they want to use, are more motivated and productive. And for many an applicant, the Mac can tip the scales in your favour.


4. The Mac works perfectly with iPhone and iPad. 

Better together: Interoperability of iPads and iPhones (if available) with the Mac, for example, shared clipboard, taking calls, seamless work with Handoff, unlocking the Mac with the Apple Watch, etc. Tools and software designed on and for the Apple platform work in perfect harmony, offering you real mobile productivity: wherever you are, you always have the best tools for communication at your disposal. And, you can continue working seamlessly on any Apple device, no matter which device you used to start your work. You can also even unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch just by being close by. 


5. The Mac is easily integrated into existing environments and easy to deploy (DEP, VPP).

Unlike Windows machines that require continuous maintenance and often even a complete re-install, the Mac is up and running without any physical imaging. The integrated migration assistant and programs such as Device Enrolment and Volume Purchase Program make it easy to roll out one or even hundreds of devices. On a Mac, the user matters, not the device. 


6. The Mac is less expensive than PCs – TCO IBM.

The TCO analysis from IBM applies for all SMEs. When considering the cost for PCs, keep in mind: software licensing for OS updates, antivirus software, etc. Also, ongoing costs such as technical maintenance and user support. The residual value for a Mac is significantly higher after 2 to 3 years. Thanks to higher residual value and lower support costs, the Mac is less expensive on a whole than a Windows PC. This was shown by the results of a survey conducted by IBM. Apple partners offer flexible models from Workplace as a Service to leasing programs to help with the initial investment. 


7. The Mac is eco-friendly.

For more and more businesses corporate responsibility is taking centre stage. This implies that devices and IT equipment must be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, which means that businesses must make an effort to invest in more green IT. Both in regards to their products as well as their corporate responsibleness, Apple is leading the way. Apple excludes hazardous substances in manufacturing their products. And they are also on the vanguard when it comes to using clean energy for providing services, even Greenpeace confirms.


8. The Mac is the ideal foundation for your digitization strategy.

The Mac is the ideal foundation for the digital overhaul of your business. Their new tools help make your employees more motivated and productive. The deliberate and consistent use of cloud services and modern collaboration tools maximises the benefits of digitization. The Mac gives you a platform to digitize your business without compromising your business's security. Apple-based solutions let you rethink how you do business and have a real positive effect on both employees and customers that is very noticeable.



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