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Success stories of customers with future-proof IT – our references.


Every customer is different and each solution distinct. But every single project is implemented with an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritises flexibility, cost consciousness and uncompromising quality. While they won’t mirror your exact circumstances, our references will provide inspiration and ideas for your own IT goals.

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Selected references.

The days when the catering industry was only about good food and a pleasant atmosphere to attract guests are over. Nowadays it’s the small details that bring in customers. Savando AG recognises this and provides restaurateurs with mobile phone charging stations that cost nothing, are secure, and bring in a profit. Restaurants become a beacon in times of need when phone batteries run out, ensuring satisfied diners. And there’s no tangled mess of cables, no risk of theft, devices getting mixed up or time lost negotiating with service staff.
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FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data centre infrastructure management and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide. Microsoft Cloud supports the software firm and its innovative spirit in key areas.
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The Handelsblatt publishing group became the Handelsblatt Media Group in 2018 and thus forms a community for the dissemination of economic expertise.
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Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg, a public ecclesiastical foundation of the Augsburg Diocese, believes in putting people first. The 40 Catholic schools sponsored by the foundation seek to implement this philosophy both in the classroom and in day-to-day Christian fellowship. Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg wants to shape not only children’s intellect but also their hearts—with the help of modern technology.
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Full service outsourcing was decided upon, including a hybrid cloud service concept from Bechtle. Within this, Microsoft Public Cloud Services were combined with a Bechtle Virtual Private Cloud to perfectly meet World Vision’s requirements.
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