Bechtle project management – a method with a proven track record.

Bechtle Fair Project is Bechtle’s general project management method. Building on the leading international project methodology, PRINCE2®, it provides Bechtle's IT systems integrators with a tailored set of tools, templates and training to best support their customers. Our experience from more than 1,000 successful IT projects every year and Bechtle's tightly knit project management community constantly add to an already successful project management model.

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What is Bechtle Fair Project?

In addition to describing the essential processes and roles within a project, the Bechtle Fair Project method also prescribes certain steps to guide the project along and ensure its quality. It defines tasks and responsibilities, and provides a project file that includes ready-made templates for greater efficiency. Throughout the project, the individual components of the project management process are clearly identified.


Such tools include:

  • Process structure
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Change management

Custom-tailored methodology.

Using our special sizing tool, we can determine which method is best suited for your project. After just a few questions, your project is assigned a size: XS, S, M, L or XL. Each size corresponds to a different project method, which is best adapted to that particular size’s specifications.

Transparent processes.

Bechtle Fair Project is based on processes that structure the project throughout its duration and determine which phases are required. This ensures reliability, transparency and traceability.

Guaranteed quality.

Each phase has to pass a final quality gate using a pre-defined questionnaire. Based on these results, the customer and Bechtle decide together whether to finalise the phase or revisit it.

Efficient collaboration.

Each project file contains a standardised document structure with pre-configured templates. These templates are simply adapted to reflect the specific requirements of each individual project. It also includes best practices gleaned from other projects and sources. All project files are stored in a project portal.

Bechtle Fair Project extraweb.

A dedicated site allows customers and external partners to access and collaborate on documents.

What’s in it for you?

Bechtle Fair Project is an integral part of how we do business at Bechtle. Its standardised and straightforward methodology lets our project managers focus on the essential project tasks, making them more efficient in completing the project. Our employees continuously share their expertise and apply our best-practices process, boosting the efficiency and quality of your projects.




Bechtle Fair Project ensures that service specifications are fulfilled up to your qualitative standards within the agreed time period and budget framework.

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