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Bechtle GmbH & Co. KG IT System House Karlsruhe

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76189 Karlsruhe

Richard Einstmann
Managing Director
  • Founded in: 1984 (as Pazdera Computer)
  • Joined Bechtle: in 1995
  • Vocational training provided for: IT systems manager, IT systems technician, IT systems integration specialist, Bachelor of Science – Business Informatics, Bachelor of Engineering – Information Technology, Bachelor of Arts – Digital Business Management (German dual VET: Kaufmann für IT-System-Management (m/w/d), IT-Systemelektroniker (m/w/d), Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration (m/w/d), Bachelor of Science – Wirtschaftsinformatik (m/w/d), Bachelor of Engineering – Informationstechnik (m/w/d), Bachelor of Arts – BWL Digital Business Management (m/w/d))
  • Competence Center: Collaboration & Conference Room Solutions; Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Business Solutions
  • Training centre Seminars, e-learning, certified training, event service in-house and on-site at our customers’

Our focus.

  • Bechtle Karlsruhe offers modern digital workplace, cloud, data centre, and network solutions, as well as Bechtle Managed Services. Talk to our consultants for expert advice on all things IT infrastructure.

Specialist services.

  • Modern Workplace solutions from all major manufacturers: Unified communications and collaboration, client and mobile computing, knowledge management, business applications, managed services, IT security, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

More facts.

  • With the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Karlsruhe and its surrounding region is a high-tech hot-spot and IT epicentre in Germany. And Bechtle Karlsruhe is right in the middle of it. In our Digital Workplace showroom, SMEs can experience the latest workplace innovations and take a sneak peek at the digital future.
  • As an expert provider of collaboration and unified communications solutions, we empower our customers with the best integrated tools to connect their teams, including Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and a range of purpose-built hardware.
  • Our own Training Centre offers seminars, e-learning, certified training and event services both at our Karlsruhe system house and on site at our customers’. With Mastersolution Show, a mobile 3D film studio, we give customers a great way to make their own explainer videos and presentations without the need for expert knowledge.
Interview with Richard Einstmann, Managing Director, IT Systems House Karlsruhe.

Tell us something about your team.
The people at Bechtle Karlsruhe have a great mix of skills, expertise, and commitment. At Bechtle Karlsruhe, we value both experience and innovation.

Where do you see Bechtle Karlsruhe in ten years’ time?
We want to be the top provider of IT solutions in our high-tech region, and also a top employer. Our goal is to be the best partner our current and future customers from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area can possibly have. To stay ahead in the race for innovation is paramount for us as a progressive company.

What has been the highlight in your time at Bechtle Karlsruhe so far?
One highlight was definitely the construction of our new building in 2012. The opening of our Digital Workplace that allows customers to trial the latest technology as well as the opportunity to shoot TV-quality video content with the 3D film studio by Mastersolution are just two of the many other highlights we are proud of.

"Keeping up with the racing progress of the digital world and the constant stream of new technologies is the largest challenge for an IT company."

Richard Einstmann, Managing Director, IT Systems House Karlsruhe.


What is your role as managing director?
As managing director, my focus is on customer satisfaction and the team spirit of our employees. Making sure that both of these groups are equally happy, and at a high level, is my highest priority.

What makes Bechtle Karsruhe such an attractive employer?
Bechtle Karlsruhe is an innovative and future-ready company that offers employees great opportunities to advance on a personal and professional level. In addition to a balanced work atmosphere, our system house boasts many perks such as a sports group, culinary events where leaders cook with trainees, Office Olympics, and much more.


What are you looking for in a candidate?
Above all, we prize reliability, enthusiasm for IT, and honesty. Applicants should want to explore new topics and embody the Bechtle Values. Team spirit, loyalty to the company, and flexibility are also just as important.

What our employees say about us.

„Working at Bechtle isn’t just great fun, my work is interesting and varied, creativity is encouraged, and new ideas are always welcome. With the great technology at our fingertips, all doors are open to us“

Patricia Reichel - Marketing

„Even after 30 years, I still enjoy working at Bechtle Karlsruhe very much. Great people, lots of new ideas and a mentality that “no can do” is not our vocabulary ensures that our customers can rely on us unconditionally.“

Michael Reinbold – Account Manager

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