User Adoption.

User Adoption

– how employees can quickly put the Modern Workplace to productive use.

Our mission: We empower employees for today’s work.

User adoption (employee empowerment) refers to how strongly and quickly new solutions are integrated into your employees' everyday work. People generally have different levels of readiness and require different offerings.

Together with you, we identify the different needs of your user groups and derive actions on how to successfully take every single employee on the journey to your digital future.


Employee Journey


Digitalizing work environments means more than just introducing new technologies. User satisfaction and productivity are crucial for success.


,,Why should I use Teams now? I'm doing just fine with Outlook and my e-mails!"

,,Teams is just one possible tool in the Microsoft 365 environment and, in addition to the message and meeting function, offers a whole range of other options for facilitating and organizing work. Thus, it creates added value in the daily handling of organizational work steps."


,,A whole range? I'm sure that's too much for me, I can do everything with Excel, Word and Outlook, that's enough for me."

,,The three applications provide a solid foundation, but Sharepoint and OneDrive are also excellent tools for distributed and simultaneous access to documents in the age of Modern Work. Teams can serve as a framework for easy structuring here.“


,,In my field, remote work is not possible, we do a lot manually and are tied to the workplace.“

,,Microsoft offers help with this as well. Via the Power Platform applications of Microsoft 365, it is quite easy to create small apps around duty rosters, time recordings, one's own portfolio of offers and much more, thus providing automation and making work easier.“


,,Workload reduction would be a nice thing, the daily business has become more and more stressful over the years.

But automation still ends up costing me my job!"

„At this point we arrive at user adoption. Fear of change or even job loss sometimes hinders the adaptation of innovation and harms the economic situation of an organization. That's why it's important to take the user with you during adoption and implementation.“

We make your Modern Workplace implementation successful.

Modern Workplace Implementation

Modern Workplace implementation projects don't just change a company's technology. New tools like Microsoft 365 are more than technology, they change ways of working. We support your transformation project in order to effectively transport the added value of e.g. Microsoft 365 into your company - right from the start..

We support you in every phase of the digital workplace implementation with the right methods and also ensure sustainable success after the implementation.

How we support you.


Strategy Workshop Modern Workplace.

In our strategy workshop, we look at all areas of the Modern Workplace: company, rooms, employees and technology. Together with you, we design your roadmap to the future Modern Workplace and define your next steps for a successful introduction..

First steps in Adoption & Change Management.

In our First steps workshop, we analyze how the project will impact your business and employees, discuss best practices, and plan an appropriate mix of methods with you to ensure project success. As a result, we put together all the necessary steps for a successful user adoption.

Basis package.

Proven standards from communication, training and use cases, so that your employees can quickly adopt the added values of Microsoft Teams and Co. in their daily work routine.

Standard package.

In the standard package, you receive the holistic spectrum of change management methods, aligned to your Microsoft 365 introduction. In addition to the basic elements, we introduce methods such as sponsorship, resistance management and a champions program to make your employees fit for the digital future.

Premium package.

We are certified consultants and accompany you through an entire implementation project, tailored to the requirements of your company. At the beginning, we define your requirements together and define your individual roadmap.

Individual User Adoption Counslting.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on individual challenges or an entire implementation project. Feel free to contact us and we will arrange an initial meeting to plan your next steps.

For Your Business.


Higher employee motivation.

Through employee-oriented introductory measures that improve the individual sense of usefulness as well as the positive experience of use.

Increased Work Efficiency.

Adequate templates, workshops and fixed usage standards avoid inconsistencies in usage and minimize internal friction losses.

Low Operating Costs.

Through the successful introduction of a new digital work platform and its impact on the working practices of all employees.

Accelerated Return On Invest.

The full potential of the tools can be used more quickly through employee-oriented implementation measures and the associated acceptance.

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