PSB GmbH Dreieich

The specialists at PSB offer PC solutions specially designed to meet specific quality and availability requirements. Systems can be adapted to individual customer requirements while remaining affordable.

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Managing Director.


Marcus Reinhard Lemke


  • Founded in: 1990

  • Part of Bechtle Group since: 2003

  • Vocational training: IT systems integration specialist

  • Competence Center: production of PC-based, industrial IT solutions


PSB GmbH Dreieich

Max-Planck-Straße 20

63303 Dreieich

Phone: +49 6103 8097-0

Fax: +49 6103 8097-27

E-Mail: dreieich@bechtle.com


PSB GmbH Dreieich supports customers through short delivery times, remarkable production flexibility, tailored warehousing strategies and long-term delivery capacity. The reliability, robustness and serviceability of its products are ideally suited to their destined uses—some of which require compliance with stringent criteria. This makes PSB GmbH Dreieich the perfect partner for businesses seeking more than simple off-the-rack solutions.