Jul 7, 2021

Cybersecurity expertise for managing directors. Part 1 – Cybercrime in Germany.

The number of IT security risks facing SMEs has risen considerably over the last few years and there’s no end in sight with the number of security incidents and their impact contributing to this development. At the same time, the IT security solutions market is growing as dynamically and not without reason, as there is immense pressure on owners and managing directors of SMEs to keep pace.

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Successful business models are based on innovation, cooperation, automation and data—all aspects that can only really come into their own with the help of IT. IT security incidents can therefore strike at the very foundations of a company and are a top priority for top management. The first step to take is to define objectives and priorities, which is easier said than done given the complexity of the topic and the multitude of options if you don’t have the expertise. It’s critical, therefore, that managing directors have a certain amount of knowledge in order to be able to make good decisions with a clear conscience.

If this isn’t the case, it’s very difficult to really grasp strategy, specific added value and business benefits. Take the opportunity to get to grips with the topic for the benefit of your company with our continuous supply of security insights for managing directors of SMEs in the coming weeks. In the first part of my Master Security Class for MDs today, I’ll be tackling the subject of Cybercrime in Germany (German language).

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Published on Jul 7, 2021.