Modern Workplace - Feb 19, 2020

Dell Interactive Displays - The perfect addition to your conference room.

The times of beamer, whiteboard and co. are coming to an end. Content should no longer have to be photographed with a smartphone in order to send it to the meeting participants via different channels. To what extent Dell can offer you the crucial advantages and increases in efficiency in this respect, you can find out in this blog ...

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Everything you need to captivate your audience.

Dell's open platform technology and hardware and software solutions from Dell's technology partners allow you to tailor the display solution to fit your meeting needs. Most importantly, the technology must be easy to use so it can be utilized. In addition, an up-to-date collaboration solution must meet the current requirements for cross-site and interactive collaboration. The focus here is primarily on working together on documents and subsequently sharing them.

Solution components.

Dell's solution basically consists of the Dell display, which is available in three different formats. Depending on the room size, the display can be selected in a size of 86 inches, 75 inches or alternatively 55 inches. The displays support the touch function so that nothing stands in the way of interaction on the display. The second main component of the solution consists of a Dell OptiPlex Micro PC. This can be mounted in a recess behind the display. Thus, we practically get an all-in-one solution.


Depending on your requirements, the solution can now be extended with additional components. These can be seen as examples in this graphic:

A great advantage of a modular system is the possibility of individualisation. This saves costs and time during setup. However, it is not only about the hardware. Let us now look at the solution's operating system. Thanks to a full Windows 10, there are only a few restrictions regarding the choice of software. It therefore remains open which video conferencing software (Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc.) you choose. 


Live experience.

How can interactive work and collaboration be better experienced than live on location? To this end, we equipped all our Bechtle Modern Workplace locations with a Dell solution last year. Our specialists will be pleased to present the solution to you.

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Published on Feb 19, 2020.