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5 questions for Dr Niharika Singh, Expert for Green Logistics.

A future-proof job—Dr Niharika Singh analyses logistics and supply chain processes according to ecological efficiency criteria. The basis of her work is the Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030. Always an issue: Making an impact.

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1. Niharika, can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get to where you are right now?

Dr Niharika Singh: I am originally from India and did my PhD in Human Resource Management there. After that, I quickly realised almost everything I learned during this time is rather theoretical—but I really wanted to see immediate results of my work.

At the recommendation of my professor, my path then led me to Munich in 2019, where I completed a second Master’s degree in International Management, which on the one hand helped me a lot to learn more about entrepreneurship in practice and on the other hand to realise that sustainability is an ideal set of topics in which I can understand the impact of my work. After completing my studies, I consequently worked in a start-up in the sustainability field.

2. Sounds exciting. How did you end up at Bechtle then?

Through a friend of mine who also works at Bechtle, I came into contact with Klaus Kratz, member of the Bechtle logistics management board. There was no specific job advertisement at the time that I could have applied for. Nevertheless, I was given the opportunity to present my ideas for sustainability in logistics to Klaus Kratz and Dr Nicole Diehlmann, Sustainability Communications at Bechtle, for which I am of course very grateful. And now I’m here ... 😊

3. The topic of sustainability is more discussed than ever before—what exactly do you do in the field of green logistics?

Every day I tackle the question of how we can make our company even greener: How can we reduce the use of packaging materials? How can we streamline our logistics processes and save energy? How do we deal responsibly with components built into old IT hardware—in essence, lifecycle management. In short, my work is directly based on the Sustainability Strategy 2030, which we recently published.

4. To what extent will the issues in this area develop further?

At the moment, my work is often about inventories: How high is our energy consumption? How much waste do we produce in different areas? Where are our pain points? In the coming years, we will focus more on concrete measures that we will use to achieve our sustainability goals.

My vision is that all Bechtle countries exchange information and benefit from each other in order to become more sustainable together—in the spirit of One Bechtle! In addition, the legal regulations will probably become stricter in the next few years, so we certainly won’t be bored. 😉

5. And now it’s time for a little quiz. Describe Bechtle in three words.

Joyful, friendly and family! 😊

Thank you for the interview, Niharika!

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Published on Dec 17, 2021.