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A new career at Bechtle – How I became a team leader.

From programming to sales to management. And in different Bechtle branches, including some time out. Today, Patrick Laux is Team Leader at Bechtle direct. Read what he has to say about his career change and his unusual career path...

I have had an affinity to IT since as early as my childhood, thanks to my father, and I’ve spent a lot of time programming software. After finishing secondary school, I knew quite quickly what I wanted to do—an apprenticeship as an IT specialist in application development. After that, I performed my military service, extending my mission from nine to 23 months.


When I came out and started applying to companies, it was hard to get back into IT. The reason: Since my apprenticeship, programming language and systems had changed so much that I had been left behind. I was therefore forced to look in other areas. That was when I came across an advert for a career change at Bechtle. It was a job in Sales. I had no experience in this area, but I was excited to see what was to come.


Departure? Abort!

I worked at Bechtle direct until 2011, when I decided to move to another company in Stuttgart. It was curiosity and cockiness. Looking back, I don’t regret trying it, because it was a very valuable time for me that helped me with my personal development.


Less than a year later, however, I returned to Bechtle direct and continues on my sales path. I was given a very warm welcome back. After my return, a new international Sales team was founded, which I was appointed to lead. After four years, I was looking for a new challenge and made an internal move to Bechtle E-Commerce Holding AG, to help with construction of the International Business Unit there. But I didn't stay there long either and in 2017, I was back at Bechtle direct again. They offered me the opportunity to embark upon a leadership career and develop professionally. I received lots of great training and coaching.


Talent and enthusiasm.

Since then, I have been a Team Leader in International Sales. I like my job a lot—it’s varied and diverse. In a leadership position, it's important to recognise that you’re not the most important person in the team. Quite the opposite. The members of my team are stronger in their areas of competence than I could ever be, making them the important ones. So it’s part of my role to get behind them and support them in their personal development.


From my point of view, a career change position is suitable for many different types of people in different circumstances. Bechtle direct has just developed an outstanding process to get newcomers to the profession off to a good start. It’s all about attracting talent and enthusiasm. Everything else can be learned. We offer a wide range of training, teaching all key topics to ensure recruits are perfectly equipped for their new area.


Asking questions, expressing ideas.

My advice to career jumpers in similar situations: ask questions! I’ve often made assumptions of what people could think of my ideas, and it’s kept me from voicing some of them. Later, it’s turned out that my assumptions weren't founded on fact, and I shouldn’t have worried so much. Don’t limit yourself because you think that the other person might not like it. If you want to, Bechtle offers the opportunity to develop yourself in all directions—my career is a very good example of this.


I am very grateful to my bosses and Bechtle, because I was always allowed to try things out for myself, and supported—no matter how crazy my ideas. I had the freedom and backing I needed to go my own way. Every day is a good day thanks to my colleagues, the team, and all the wonderful people in it.

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Published on Jul 17, 2019.