Managed Services - May 24, 2019

Managed Services: Not just a question of cost, but also a strategic decision.

by Markus Hutter

Digitalisation means that IT is now the foundation of all business processes—and still companies need to focus more than ever on their core business. For this reason, Managed Services are most important than ever, and the trend is growing.

For the past two years, Bechtle IT Systems Integrator Austria has been growing disproportionately in Managed Services. The reasons for this are endless. Two seems obvious: Challenges IT have to deal with are continually increasing, and there is a large shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Many companies are finding it hard to find the skilled employees they need and are hesitant to (re)train new workers, and are consequently outsourcing parts of their IT to skilled service providers.


The definition of Managed Services is getting ever broader. It can also cover managing IT security and rollout of PCs and notebooks. Switching devices also requires people with expert knowledge, as it covers the entire lifecycle: from selecting a portfolio and design and installation of software to loading of images, testing the systems, and supplying the devices to their workstations. Users expect to be able to work with them straight away.


Additionally, the Managed Workplace, server housing, operation of applications and platforms, moving to the cloud, and monitoring and security of network areas with antivirus and firewall software all belong to our Managed Services. There are in fact customers that continue to operate their own IT, but outsource certain tasks to us when specialist knowledge is required.


Transparency in service provision.

The question of if and on what level Managed Services should be used in your company is more than just a question of cost, and more about a strategic decision. Here you have to take into account that we are not just talking about the IT department, when we discuss Managed Services, but also about Marketing, Sales, Production, and IoT. IT has arrived in all areas of business.


However, costs do naturally play a decisive role. We place great value on transparency. We track and document each individual service. The customer can then see where and how long we have been updating the firewall, for example. Additionally, they can get a see exactly which technician has carried out which specific tasks, letting them keep an overview of our Managed Services.

written by

Markus Hutter
Head of Managed Service Sales


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Published on May 24, 2019.