Microsoft - Jul 2, 2020

Debunking security myths. Today: Only large enterprises can afford cyber security.

The idea that only large enterprises can afford cyber security is fundamentally incorrect. We are living in the age of the cloud which means that certain services such as those related to security can be run centrally.

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These cloud-based solutions offer many benefits. For example, the services included can be offered at significantly lower prices thanks to their significantly better scalability. As mentioned above, this can be seen very clearly in the example of security solutions.

Such a solution used to be run on-premise in classic SMEs and tended to be made up of 15 different software components to cover all relevant incident vectors. This required corresponding hardware and software that had to be kept permanently up-to-date while in use plus staff was needed to keep everything running—a huge cost that had to be covered.

Outsource IT infrastructure. Boost cost efficiency.

Making the move to the cloud and using the security tools that Microsoft offers in their 365 E3 and 365 E5 Suites can significantly boost cost efficiency when services from the cloud are used. You no longer need to operate an infrastructure yourself, saving hardware (and all related costs) and the often very expensive software licences (server licences, CALs, etc).

Another advantage of cloud-based security solutions is that the employees spending their entire day taking care of the infrastructure can once again focus on, for example, making business processes more productive. Concepts can be developed that mean browser apps work better on smartphones so notebooks don’t have to be carried around at all times.

Even the IT department itself can be transformed. The idea that the IT department only runs the data centre and provides PC support is a thing of the past, rather, the IT department is a modern and smart in-house service provider and delivers the right solutions ensuring that the company and its employees can work more productively no matter where they are, guaranteeing a competitive edge over other players on the market

It’s important at this juncture to circle back to the title of this blog and mention that M365 licences can be used for a minimum of 1 user, meaning you only need to buy the amount you need for the employees you have and the services used automatically scale up.

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Published on Jul 2, 2020.