Microsoft Jul 9, 2020

Debunking security myths. Today: Small business does not need big security.

Back in my previous life as an active Bechtle consultant, educating decision makers in small enterprises and big corporate groups about Microsoft 365 (security), I was frequently asked if a business with a staff of 20 or 75 even needs such extensive security. Quite often, they would say things like, “We’re such a small business, cybercrime is really not interested in us.” But is that really so?

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Michael Stachowski
Business Development Manager

Take, for instance, a law firm—a place that harbours highly sensitive information. A law firm may be staffed with as little as one person. In a firm that deals with multinational cases, it may be as many as 150. But the size doesn’t matter. What matters is the information within, the data a company creates or even just has access to. In short, data is treasure, and it must be protected as such.

In other words, no matter the size of your organisation, IT security must be high up on your agenda.

On 25 May 2018, all companies big and small were caught in the vortex of four letters: GDPR. Whether you have one employee, or several hundred, this says nothing about the value of the information that you hold the key to. Sensitive information must be protected: Think who can access it, and for how long, on what devices, and also, where.

Microsoft 365 features an integrated and highly scalable security solution including Conditional Access policies, Azure Information Protection, multifactor authentication and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to help organisations get security right. What’s more, Microsoft’s data centres in Germany are now BSI C5-certified and all critical services store data inside Germany, too.