Tina Schwarz

Personnel and organizational development
I have been working at Bechtle in Logistics & Service GmbH in the area of personnel and organizational development since 01.12.2020. On my career path, I have become acquainted with various companies, their cultures, and leadership and working styles. My experience ranges from medium-sized and regional organizations to Dax corporations. I am a certified trainer, NLP master and systemic coach. I also have additional degrees in human resource and organizational development and leadership skills. My drive is to explore new ways of working and learning, to generate knowledge and to put it into practice in a targeted way. I had my first contact with Working Out Loud (WOL) in 2019. I see WOL as a valuable method to enable people as well as organizations to work on sustainable issues and to generate solutions for the future together through networked work.


Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH, Neckarsulm