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KRITIS – A comprehensive IT security concept with Bechtle and Trend Micro.

IT security—the attention being paid to this phrase is snowballing. Now more than ever, in this unusual situation, working from home is gaining importance. But working from within your own four walls also increases the risk of falling victim to attackers. Recently, Head of Network and Security at Bechtle Bremen, Jan Köhler, held a KRITIS webinar, assisted by Richard Werner from Trend Micro and Michael Mayer, Bechtle Trend Micro expert. Below is the key content about KRITIS and the options Bechtle and Trend Micro offer in this sector.

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Overview and solutions approach.

KRITIS is an abbreviation coined by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) for “critical infrastructures”, meaning “organisations or institutions with high significance for public communities”. Disruption or failure of these infrastructures would have sometimes drastic consequences.


In the webinar, the central topic was awareness and clarification. Do companies view their security as a whole and can they correctly implement elementary measures based on their own security architecture and planning? Bechtle has a three-tier solution to answer these questions: Prevention, detection, and reaction. In short, the first step is to protect yourself against cyber-attacks with Bechtle’s security practices. In case of emergency, it is important to recognise attacks in combination with an initial analysis of them.


Crisis reactions and resolutions follow. All of these are managed by the Bechtle Cyber Defence Centre, regardless of whether the customer has a traditional, hybrid, or cloud security infrastructure.


Concrete implementation.

To plan and implement projects with Trend Micro solutions, Bechtle’s experts have a range skills covering workplace/data centre security, infrastructure and perimeter security, and data protection.


In order to fully concentrate on your core business while still being properly secured, you can rely on the perfectly aligned Managed Security and Network Services from Bechtle. Our team takes care of a range of operation, monitoring, and support tasks to protect you against a range of threats at all times. These include patch and release management, security management and incident analysis KPI reporting of security warnings plus regular review meetings with the security architects and the service delivery manager.


One of the key principles here is customer flexibility which dictates whether they need a remote, on-site, or hybrid operation concept. It can also be determined which security disciplines needs to be covered in the scope of the project.


By working in collaboration with Trend Micro, Bechtle is a strong and experienced partner for KRITIS network and security. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch!

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This post was published on May 19, 2020.