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Two out of 11.955 – employees in portrait.

Moin! Firm handshake. A typical, warm north German welcome. Born in Hamburg, Frank Diers worked at IBM Deutschland for 13 years as head of business consulting before becoming head of sales. This was followed by four years as managing director of Bechtle Hamburg/Kiel before six years as CIO at Fielmann—a change of scene that he is reaping the benefits of today.

“The opportunity to prepare and implement the digital transformation of a global enterprise as CIO was fascinating.” However, there came a point when the technical IT specialist and through-and through salesman began to miss something. “As an internal service provider, you only ever have the one customer.” So, after six years away, Frank Diers returned to Bechtle as managing director of Bechtle Bielefeld. “In this role, I can leverage my experience as CIO to support customers on their path to a digital future on equal terms.” And he really enjoys the independence he has as a managing director in the Bechtle Group—a company in which everyone is an entrepreneur. “This creates freedom and ensures dexterity and flexibility, which, of course, our customers also benefit from.”

Thanks to my experience as CIO, I am able to meet my customers on equal terms.

While Frank Diers enjoys a round of golf in his free time, from a professional point of view, he prefers playing as a team. “It’s the team that wins the day, not the leader and the role of my colleagues and me is to first create a prefect team so that we can work together towards success.” For him, it is most important that his employees are fully prepared, both in terms of content and methodology, for all the opportunities and challenges that the digital transformation may pose to customers. “Only then can we act reliably and successfully as a trusted advisor in all future-related topics—be that the cloud, Modern Workplace, IT security or networking.”


Frank Diers, Managing Director, Bechtle IT System House Bielefeld


Markus Speiser is in a good mood, open and friendly. One of these people that makes a good first impression. The blue suit he’s wearing can only mean one thing—this guy works for Solidpro. After training in radio and TV technology and completing a course in business information systems, Markus Speiser joined the Solidpro sales team in 1999. After three years, the reputation of manufacturer


Autodesk enticed him away and he stayed with the firm for 17 years, initially working in sales before become sales manager responsible for strategic SMEs and small enterprise customers in the DACH region. He worked in a leadership position for 14 years, twelve of which working with customers in machine engineering and two in the construction industry. “After my first few years at Solidpro, I wanted to work in an internationally active company and the experience I gathered there is helping me in my role today. Working with other cultures and ways of thinking has significantly expanded my horizons and this has helped me in my role as managing director. I know the approaches and challenges of a manufacturer and can take on many of them in my new role.”


I want to prepare our customers and ourselves as well as possible for whatever the future brings.

Markus Speiser is always on the go—playing football, mountain biking, road cycling, jogging and hiking. He also wants to keep things moving on a professional level. “That was my motivation to make the switch back to Solidpro. The huge potential that the company and industry offer.” Markus Speiser is rarely happy to accept the status quo. “Expectations of tools, response times, knowledge and qualifications are rising. I am determined to shape the coming decade and all the opportunities it brings with it together with a highly-motivated, diverse team.”


Markus Speiser, Managing Director, Solidpro GmbH in Langenau

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