Company & Culture - Mar 16, 2021

From 0 to 37: Bechtle has entered the BrandZ ranking of the 50 most valuable German brands.

On 11 March 2021, international marketing consultants Kantar published the fourth annual ranking of the most valuable German brands, with a few well-known names at the top: SAP in first place, followed by Deutsche Telekom, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz trading places behind them. The rest of the list was full of surprises: Bechtle made its first appearance in the ranking, and it’s on a major upward trajectory.

With an estimated value of approx. $1.6 billion, Bechtle has not only made its debut in the ranking, but also takes the place of best newcomer, finishing in front of Helios (47), Hermes (48) and Ergo (50). Kantar explains Bechtle’s turbo-charged rise as a result of the increased demand in remote work, which has led to Bechtle making its own niche, in providing small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions with IT services.

Bechtle is the second German technology company to make it into the list after SAP. CEO Dr Thomas Olemotz is certain: “Numbers are always nice to hear—but especially during a crisis. Bechtle’s success is grounded in the work of 12,200 future-ready brand ambassadors!” According to Kantar, the ranking analysis shows that companies who were seen as trustworthy and responsible did especially well. In that regard, German brands are doing well on the international stage, too: It’s their focus on quality and reliability that has brought them the image of a “helper”—and not only during the pandemic.

Total value of German brands remains unchanged during pandemic.

Kantar estimates the total value of the German brands in the ranking to be  $353 billion. A five per cent or $17.3 billion increase on last year—despite the worldwide pandemic. Marketing consultants Kantar sees this as a result of the variety of brands in the ranking. The brands listed came from 19 different categories, making for a vast mix in international comparison. This way, the lower demand for cars, financial products or leisure could be compensated by an increased demand in the fields of technology, logistics and e-commerce.

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This post was published on Mar 16, 2021.