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A portrait of two out of 12,180 employees.

The first impression counts: What do employees and guests see first when they enter the building at Bechtle Platz 1 through the main entrance? Of course, the friendly faces of Sieglinde Leitz and Sabine Adam. For many years, the two of them have been greeting guests at the reception desk, providing information and pointing them in the right direction. Here they tell why they never get bored there.

Born in Tokyo. Raised in South Africa. You could say Sieglinde Leitz was born to work with people from all walks of life. She has been the face and voice of Bechtle for more than 30 years and is just as much a part of the furniture at the Neckarsulm headquarters as the green logo above the entrance.

Sieglinde Leitz moved to Germany with her family in 1970, finishing school in Frankfurt am Main before starting her vocational training to become a retail saleswoman. “I started at Bechtle in 1989 as a general dogsbody at the small office on Fügerstraße in Heilbronn. As time went by, I was increasingly tasked with handling reception and the switchboard,” she explains. “Not much has changed today except the size of the company.” The move from Heilbronn to Neckarsulm in spring 2004 was a milestone in her career. “I remember it all being so exciting. The new office building was very impressive and I loved my workplace.” Her personal highlight was that she could still cycle to the new headquarters. Whatever the weather, the passionate swimmer and cyclist always peddled her way to work.

Every day brings something new and I can’t wait until life returns to normal at Bechtle.

For her, reliability and team work are crucial. Were her experiences abroad good preparation for her career? “Yes,” she answers, “they have definitely helped in my interactions with other people.” And she meets plenty of those every single day as anyone who wants to get in touch with Bechtle—either in person or by phone—has to first get past her and her team. “I really enjoy the contact with diverse people. It’s definitely not a boring job as every day is different. I really like my Bechtle!” And she hopes that it won’t be too much longer before life returns to Bechtle Platz. “This huge building is so empty. I miss the hustle and bustle. I can put my feet up and relax when I retire!”. Retire? Reception without Sieglinde Leitz? Unimaginable. Bechtle CEO, Dr Thomas Olemotz, agrees. “Sieglinde Leitz is part of the fabric of Bechtle and was there since my first day at the company. She’s strong and genuine and is held very dear by all colleagues for her decades-long experience, kind-heartedness and, above all, her professionalism.”


Sieglinde Leitz, Reception team coordination, Bechtle AG.


“Vivacious” is the word that probably best describes Sabine Adam. After almost 30 years working in the fashion industry, she made the move to Bechtle in 2017. As a contact for customers, employees and guests, she approaches her work with plenty of panache, good humour and an eye for the big picture.


 “Athletics used to be my passion, but today, I prefer to go cycling or inline skating to stay fit. Oh, and go to Metallica and Gotthard concerts”, explains Sabine Adam. The mother of two has been married for 25 years and looks forward to her days at the group headquarters. She especially enjoys the numerous challenges that every day at Bechtle brings. “Most people don’t appreciate all the jobs we at reception have to do.  More than anything, however, it is important for me to make a good first “Bechtle impression” both in person and on the phone, and to always find the best solution for colleagues, customers and visitors.” She sets great store in friendliness, but also respect, loyalty and a positive attitude.

It’s an honour to be represent Bechtle and be one of the first faces our guests see.

It comes as no surprise then that Sabine Adam is good with people. “I really enjoy meeting all the different characters,” but it was quite a challenge to start with to keep on top of who everyone was. “Sieglinde Leitz was and is a huge help!” On her very first working day, a certain Mr Schick phoned and asked for a colleague’s contact details “which I, of course, declined to share. I was later told that the caller was Gerhard Schick, one of Bechtle’s founders.” That wouldn’t happen today as Sabine Adam knows Bechtle Platz and the people there like the back of her hand. She’s having to get used to not seeing those familiar faces, though. “I miss the personal contact, new visitors and the guys in the warehouse. Give me action over peace and quiet any day!”


Sabine Adam, Reception and Backoffice, Bechtle AG.

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This post was published on Aug 17, 2021.