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Together for tomorrow. Bechtle experts support regional small businesses.

Three project days, 100 plus experts, and some 2,000 hours. The Gemeinsam für Morgen (Together for Tomorrow) initiative is ensuring that 11 regional SMEs get the digitalisation and motivational push they badly need.

From retailers and caterers to winegrowers and service providers, many SMEs in Heilbronn and the surrounding area are currently facing especially tough challenges. Making their digitalisation quick, uncomplicated, and above all, free, was the goal of Oliver Hanisch when creating the Together for Tomorrow campaign. The managing director of the new business centre Campus Founders had hoped for the support of regional companies and was not disappointed. Within a very short time, the three-day project marathon had over 100 digitalisation experts from 21 companies signed up. The result is tangible, pragmatic solutions that provide immediate help—from websites and online shops to social media presence. Finished projects can then act as an example to others. All results are documented and then made available to all with similar issues, because copying is encouraged here!

Bechtle was heavily involved in these four projects:


  1. Bauer winery in Heilbronn-Sontheim.


Digital winemaking? Not a problem for our colleagues and the project team for the Bauer winery in Heilbronn-Sontheim. Owner Alexander Bauer is currently unable to open his wine tavern or guest house, so he can only compensate by selling more wine. He’d been working on an online shop for a while now, but without expert support, he would never have got it off the ground so quickly.


In the end, three solutions were developed: a take away service, an online wine shop, and online wine tastings. No sooner said than done. All of these services can now be easily accessed on the website, the online shop is live, templates and social media communication guidelines have been created, and a processed defined for online wine tasting. Alexander Bauer is filled with confidence. “Your support has motivated us to keep going despite the current situation.” The insights gained from this project especially help those who need to get up and running quickly and start selling easily. 




  1. Stielsicher flowers and accessories by Tanja Schick from Jagsthausen
  2. Tanja Schick has a similar story. The florist had been running her Stielsicher shop in Jagsthausen for six years and wanted an online shop. But in this case, expert analysis concluded that Stielsicher was more suited to a general online rebrush, meaning search engine optimisation and an overhaul of their social media presence. This second opinion was very helpful, and customers can now find the shop very easily on an attractive and informative website, fresh and modern on social media, and via a Google search. Additionally equipped with corresponding guidelines that should act as a support in the future, the company from Leingarten can now properly get off the digital starting blocks. The results of this project can be applied to everyone who wants to upgrade their social media or web presence.






  1. Knifesmith Andreas Ulbrich from Jagsthausen


With several fairs being cancelled and orders drying up shortly before the opening of his own souvenir and knife shop, Andreas Ulbrich, too, turned to the Heilbronn initiative. He was looking for an optimised web presence as his business could only be found on Facebook. What the five-strong project group came to realise in just three days made Andreas Ulbrich cry tears of joy: In addition to a brand-spanking new website featuring his entire product range, the team created a Google MyBusiness account for him and optimised his existing Facebook profile.


“Within a very short space of time, we built up a relationship of trust with Andreas Ulbrich, video calling him even into the evenings,” the Bechtle team reports. “The vibe and dynamics in our team were sensational. Everyone played their part and everything went hand in glove—even though we had only just met.” The experience gained from this project can be used for similar cases needing expanded online presence, especially for arts and craft businesses or retailers.



Friedrichshaller Sportverein.

As is the case for so many sporting clubs, it’s not just the sporting activities that can no longer take place, but club restaurants have to remain closed, too. An alternative was needed to publicise the three restaurants’ take away service that was continuing despite the closures. The project team and the union developed three solutions: A website detailing the take away service, complete with a digital menu and a guide to ordering. The service will be targeted to a wider audience in future by means of a newsletter and social media. And at-risk groups can even take advantage of food delivery carried out by club members. Moreover, the project team designed an ordering tool to optimise the speed and ease of the ordering process.

The project gave rise to new ideas able to be swiftly implemented and will help the club advertise services even after the end of the crisis. It is also helpful to other sports clubs with restaurants.

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This post was published on Apr 28, 2020.