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Agile working – Which platform suits you best?

Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Google Meet are the three biggest manufacturers of collaboration tools offering their own suites to meet the requirements of modern collaboration that support the challenges of working in dispersed teams. But which solution is the best for your needs? Let us give you some insights.

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If one thing has become obvious over the past few weeks, it’s that to be able to work efficiently from home and collaborate with colleagues, we need tools that make coordination easier. Modern applications come with a whole range of features for just that purpose. With video calls, team chats and the opportunity to work together on documents, they make collaboration even in dispersed teams much easier. Most tools cover the basic features equally well and sometimes, the individual applications have very similar names.


At first glance, one solution appears to be much like another. Users only tend to notice that the individual solutions are useful for specific use cases when they start looking for certain features. Moreover, some tools are better suited to existing infrastructures and can be seamlessly integrated into them. It’s therefore important to think about your needs and take a look at your existing IT eco system and ask yourself the following questions:


  • What do your employees and team want from a collaboration solution?
  • Which tool best fulfils the current requirements? How important are those requirements that are not fulfilled?
  • What does the solution bring to the table?
  • How easily can it be integrated into existing infrastructures? Could a single tool even create synergies in the existing eco system and your strategy?
  • Do your compliance guidelines exclude the use of some tools?
  • How can you engage your employees so that they discover the benefits of the solution for themselves, leverage them in their everyday work and not dismiss them out of hand?


Modern collaboration thanks to Microsoft, Cisco and Google.

Microsoft, Cisco and Google are the biggest providers of modern collaboration platforms. With their solutions—Teams, Webex Teams and G Suite—they offer a comparable set of tools your employees can leverage to work efficiently from home, so there’s nothing standing in the way of modern collaboration.

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Our experts, Anika Mattke, Mathias Deufel and Dennis Wimmer, are on hand to support you in your search for the best solution for your business. If you take a closer look at the established ways of working in your company, you’ll quickly discover that all solutions have strengths in other application areas.  If you want to focus on extensive digital collaboration and bring together Office 365 products with chat and telephony, then Microsoft solutions are the best choice. On top of collaboration in Teams, the Cisco solution scores well in terms of integration into existing systems and its intuitive provisioning of meetings. If, however, you’d rather completely do away with installations on your employees’ clients and utilise AI in combination with human collaboration, then the entirely browser-based G Suite stands out from the crowd.



Asking the right questions and sound advice are the keys to success.

This short blog illustrates what you need to be thinking about when looking for the best solution for your company. All tools facilitate efficient collaboration in dispersed teams or between colleagues who are working from home. All solutions take into account data protection, secure communication in video calls as well as parallel working on shared documents. What's more, these solutions enable you to quickly and easily start meetings with colleagues around the globe. As is often the case, however, the devil’s in the details. The more you know about what you need and about your existing infrastructure and established working systems, the easier it’ll be to choose the solution that is best suited to your company.


Our experts will support you on your path to modern collaboration—from the initial consultation to employee training. Make an appointment now to find out more.

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This post was published on May 27, 2020.