IT Solutions - Jul 8, 2020

Data centre modernisation.

New ways of working and increasing digitalisation at work is challenging the data centre as never before. Being able to access valuable company data at any time and from anywhere is not only challenging security systems, but also the data centre as a whole, which must adapt to the new reality in order to avoid bottlenecks and downtime in the future. Carry on reading to find out how our partner Cisco is responding to new requirements with its data centre architecture stack, and how Bechtle can help you bring your data centre up to speed.

The new normal, and how the data centre has to keep up.

Working from home, on the road or in teams that span the globe—the demands placed on corporate IT infrastructure have dramatically increased over the last few months. Add to that the need to share data with external service providers and freelancers so they can effectively collaborate with in-house teams. Those looking to take their first steps towards the cloud can easily find the tools to do so online, and so companies are gradually moving their apps there. Unfortunately, companies often neglect to think about what their goals really are, let alone develop a cloud strategy, all the while adding cloud services and piling on the maintenance and admin work for IT departments.

Cisco’s data centre stack is the answer to the changing needs of users. It bundles numerous solutions into a single, modular system to create data centres that can scale well into the future. Cisco is connecting infrastructure and automation with application and multi-cloud service management to enhance IT security and enable automation layers across cloud providers and infrastructure applications.


From UCS to AppD – A tour of the data centre stack.

The data centre stack is a comprehensive framework companies can utilise to securely and reliably operate their on-premise data centre today and in the future. Here’s a rundown of the key components and benefits of the stack’s individual solutions.

For data centre networking, Cisco UCS combines industry-standard, x86-architecture servers with network and storage access into a single unified system for more productivity, less TCO and improved scalability in the data centre. This means that additional storage capacity and computing power can be easily added whenever it is needed.

In Cisco’s converged infrastructure solutions, companies have the ideal infrastructure to optimally deploy workloads and users. These are quick to implement, easy to scale and provide shared resources that deliver ideal performance for all apps and requirements with unified management.

Cisco HyperFlex offers complete hyper-convergence on a user-friendly platform. The solution combines compute, storage and network resources into one uniform system and ensures flexibility and scalability based on Cisco UCS.

Cisco Intersight helps companies analyse, simplify and automate their IT environments.  With an open API, customisable dashboards and the possibility to manage UCS and HyperFlex systems on a single platform, Intersight enables intuitive computing through cloud-based intelligence.

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager supports businesses to continuously optimise their IT environment. The real-time intelligent decision engine continuously analyses usage, costs and limitations imposed by compliance policies, and provides workloads with the resources they need when they need them.

To monitor, optimise and analyse complex IT environments on a large scale is a piece of cake with Cisco’s AppDynamics solution with managed app performance, smart business processes analytics and advanced infrastructure visualisations.


 A data centre on the ground that feels just like the cloud.

The reasons for migrating to high street cloud solutions are as diverse as the companies that want to make the switch. With its data centre architecture stack, Cisco has created a solution framework that allows data centre managers to feel like they’re walking on clouds. Plus, with our multi-cloud and application management solutions, it’s always easy and secure to integrate the cloud solutions you need.

Thanks to Bechtle and Cisco’s decades-long partnership delivers, our consultants can draw on the refined expertise gleaned from many successful projects. We advise our customers on the best strategy for modernising their data centres and are by their side throughout the plan-build-run lifecycle.

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This post was published on Jul 8, 2020.