IT Solutions - Jul 1, 2020

Drastically lower complexity and costs – The future is called Cyber Protection.

The times where classic backups were enough to keep your data protected are over. The rapidly growing complexity of IT systems and the exploding amounts of data make storage and protection of IT workloads costly and complicated—and complicated often means neither well protected or secure.

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ViPM Paessler / Acronis


As companies are currently switching to heavy use of home networks rather than secure corporate IT environments, security for IT users or even Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is not always their highest priority. They just want to get the system up and running quickly. Home networks are generally less secure and often include additional privately connected devices with potentially insufficient protection and introduce the risk of making it easier for hackers to break into the network. Moreover, the number of users and locations plus devices, types and versions of operating systems and applications requiring protections is increasing hugely.

We’re also dependant on IT now! Only with IT can we remain productive remotely or when working from home—it’s almost reached the status of a basic requirement! It’s exactly this reason that protecting our IT systems is critical to business, as without appropriate protection its reliability can’t be ensured.

This is where Acronis Cyber Protect comes into play!

This innovative solution integrates data protection, cyber security, and management features into a single solution, drastically reducing complexity and costs—while offering comprehensive protection. This integration makes it possible to protect considerably more end user devices with minimum personal effort.

For everyone looking for a reliable and secure backup, Acronis Cyber Protect provides a combination of proactive, active, and reactive protection.

  • Vulnerability evaluation and patch management, removal of malware from backups and restoration patches to avoid recurring infection for proactive protection against downtime.
  • Constant data protection, active defence against viruses and ransomware as well as self-defence features that protect agents and backup storage offer active protection against threats.
  • Integrated disaster recovery, metadata storage for forensic incident investigation and the option to coexist with other security solutions provides reactive protection.

Acronis Cyber Protect provides all necessary features for end device security including real time anti-malware and anti-ransomware protection, on-demand scanning and malware removal, AI-based analysis before execution, behaviour analyses, dynamic recognition rules and features of traditional anti-virus and endpoint protection solutions.

Integration of data protection and cyber security means innovative and unique cyber protection—the availability of backups does not just ensure data recovery, but also enables scanning of cold backup data for threats, creation of whitelists with the help of aggressive heuristics from secured data, and failsafe patching with rollback option in case problems arise.

In short, As a single solution with a single agent, a single interface, holistic principles and a single management console, Acronis Cyber Protect makes it easy and efficient for service providers to fulfil their customers ever-growing requirements. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch!

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This post was published on Jul 1, 2020.