To get an idea of just how important paper still is today: More than 65% of invoices in Germany are sent as hard copies. And another staggering figure: In 2019, businesses posted over 14 billion letters - that’s just 9% less than a decade ago.


Organisations face two key challenges when it comes to business snail mail:


How is it distributed to the intended recipients,




how can process-related mail such as invoices be quickly digitised for an efficient workflow?


There are a number of systems addressing these issues, and businesses are increasingly looking into them. The market can be confusing with different acronyms for what’s essentially the same thing, such as DMS or ECM, to name but two.


There are various off-the-peg solutions for electronic mail distribution and workflow-based invoice processing that can be implemented in a very short time. However, these may require organisations to adapt their processes to match what the applications can support.


The basic goal is quite simple: In just a few days, have a solution up and running to enable inbound mail to be scanned and forwarded to the right people, and digitised invoices to be signed-off fast. But a document management system can do much more. It can be customised to support existing processes or integrate with ERP systems. Customers may also choose to expand their solution over time with add-on modules, e.g. to include contract management.


Extensive solution, implemented fast.

The ELO Digital Office product suite enables you to quickly implement electronic mail distribution and invoice processing, and with the help of our experts it’ll be a breeze, too.


The solution consists of these essential components:


a free unlimited business user licence for the browser, iOS and Android apps, as well as native clients. The licence includes:

  • All ELOprofessional core server modules plus the workflow engine
  • All ELO clients: full client, web client, and apps
  • The ELO Invoice business solution to help you implement inbound invoice processing
  • The ELO web server for access to the browser client and the ELO app
  • The ELO Knowledge business solution to share knowledge and information
  • The ELO Teamroom solution for collaboration with external users such as suppliers or customers

ELO supports access through VPN, Citrix, cloud solutions and also through DMZs.


Setup, client rollout, project management and the installation of a document scanner for customers who don’t yet have one are all invoiced at cost. A typical scenario takes three to four days to set up.


Bechtle customers receive all software licences for the solutions suite free of charge for 90 days. Should the current situation persist beyond that period, the free licence offer may also be extended further into the future. Together with our partner Canon, we are also able to bundle the solution with a Canon document scanner at a discount.


Of course, we’re also happy to discuss your custom solution with you. Best of all, our technicians are able to get your solution up and running remotely, without even knocking at your door. Talk to your Bechtle account manager today to learn more!