IT Solutions - Apr 23, 2020

Future-ready data centre infrastructures with Dell Technologies.

For seven years, Bechtle has been pooling expert skills and knowledge in nearly all DELL EMC products in a dedicated Bechtle Solution Centre DELL EMC, putting a focus on the manufacturer’s data centre portfolio. A 120 m² showroom is designed to make it easy to understand even complex IT infrastructure technologies and share our expertise with both customers and other Bechtle units at no cost.

Today, there’s virtually no high street manufacturer that’s not peddling the latest data centre innovations, and they share a market with numerous start-ups that are pushing new ideas and features with the agility of a very lightweight back office.


A data centre has to tick many boxes to be secure, sustainable, efficient, eco-friendly and powerful, and there are plenty of good solutions to build customer-specific IT infrastructures. That’s why we want to engage customers with technologies in a nutshell that cut the complexity and help us build a future-ready Dell Technologies solution together.



Keep IT simple!

We believe that the key to success lies in a keep it simple stupid approach. An old concept that is currently enjoying a renaissance in data centre technologies and that’s high up on both our and our customers’ agendas.


A use case flyer—VMware integration. Keep IT simple—on our DELL Data Centre Solutions pages is one that many of our customers will be able to relate to and it really gets to the heart of it: As the complexity of individual server, storage, virtualisation and backup technologies can be very high, it is essential to provide solutions that help to keep IT simple. VMware integration is an integral component.


I highly recommend browsing our  approaches to DELL Technologies solutions if you have a minute. You might just find the perfect match for your current challenges.



The customer takes centre stage.

We’ll help you create your simple custom IT solution using DELL Technologies products and stay by your side throughout your project. It doesn’t matter if we meet online or on site in our Solution Centre at Bechtle Nuremberg.


Either way is a great opportunity to sketch out and add depth to a solution that is right for you and your team. In addition to our use case scenarios we are also able to give live demos and detail all sorts of workloads, interfaces, deployments, integration and migration.


We are also happy to provide a management summary including e.g. experiences drawn from an on-site proof of concept—also in your own environment, visualise insights with you, and summarise next steps and recommended measures for your decision makers.


Physical or virtual showroom demos can be tailored to your exact needs so you can really experience and get to grips with the possibilities of DELL technologies. Just get in touch! We’re happy to discuss your future-ready solution.

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This post was published on Apr 23, 2020.