My name is Matthias Beck and I’m responsible for all things technical for the Mobile Solution Team - a department at Bechtle Neckarsulm. Our focus is on mobile platforms, their application scenarios and potential management solutions.


I’m currently writing this blog from home. To be completely honest, the set up I’m working with right now is not really what you’d class as “standard”. In contrast to most colleagues, who work with mixed environments such as Windows and iOS or Android, I exclusively use Apple peripherals.


Morning – Multiple systems, zero issues.

8 am – The first appointment – A customer needs help with the Mobile Device Management solution. I put in my AirPod Pros, open Cisco Jabber and call the customer. Using TeamViewer, the customer and I can check the system together and solve the issue.


1:30 pm – An internal meeting with the Microsoft Team. We work on a presentation for an upcoming event. Everything works seamlessly as all standard Microsoft Office applications are available natively for macOS. Everyone works on the slides that are relevant for their particular technical areas and shares ideas for joint ones. I transfer the necessary screenshots from an iPhone via AirDrop or make use of the scan feature within the app.


Whereas before I was chained to the desk by my headset or EarPod cables, I’m now free to roam with my Apple AirPods. The benefit of these is how they link up with a variety of devices. If my phone rings, I can quickly connect the AirPods to the iPhone and take the call.


Most of my work is done on a MacBook Pro with TouchBar, which I very rarely use as the MacBook is normally too far away from where I am. In the office, the keyboard, power and monitor are connected via a USB-C docking station while at home, I have a Bluetooth keyboard on hand in case I need it plus a Magic Mouse which can also connect via Bluetooth.


Seeing as my original office at home has given way to the offspring, I now tend to use my iPad Pro as a second screen using the Sidecar feature, which works perfectly and without any noticeable lag. Outlook, Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Teams are never far away and I can take care of everything else on my MacBook’s screen.


Afternoon – Perfect integration into the corporate network.

Afternoon dawns. What a better way to kick things off than with a quick look at the Bechtle intranet to put in a holiday request. As my MacBook is integrated into the corporate network and I have a Cisco AnyConnect VPN, single sign-on means there is nothing standing in my way. I chose the days I want, select my stand-ins and send off the request. Then it’s back to the coal face.


3:15 pm - I receive a cryptic SMS. I can’t make head nor tail of it until I notice the e-mail about a customer project with an encrypted attachment. I simply copy the content from my iPhone to the MacBook so that I don’t have to type in the password.


4:30 pm - Everything I’ve done today is entered into our service system. I’m missing some details so I launch Citrix Workspace to access the systems I need via a virtual desktop. As quickly as it takes to start up the virtual Windows environment, I have all the information I need and can close it again.


In the office, I’ll be getting up for a quick coffee with colleagues, and it’s at this point that I’m reminded by (can you guess?!) my Apple Watch to get up and move. Great idea! I check the time, close the MacBook and clear away the coffee cup. It’s time to call it a day.