So what can companies do now to make sure their cloud solutions and local application setups click? And without compromising security? How can IT departments gain transparency and streamline the management of their heterogeneous infrastructure? At the end of the day, the decision a company has to make is not primarily about whether or not to use cloud services at all. What they have to focus on is finding a solution that ticks all the boxes, one that covers all their current needs, that is secure and flexible, and that can easily scale to meet future requirements, too.

HPE understands what businesses need and offers extensive solutions that enable them to connect their own data centres to the cloud in a way that is both easy and secure and effectively leverage the benefits of both worlds. In other words, HPE solutions are well worth a closer look.

Flexibility and scalability.

Flexibility and scalability are key for a company to keep up in an agile market and be able to respond to changing requirements fast. But how can you make sure you don’t fall behind? How can companies stay on top of the challenges they face without draining their budget or complex projects bearing down on IT staff? HPE has the answers.  

  • HPE Greenlake.

HPE Greenlake is a flexible, hybrid as-a-service model that enables you to respond to changing needs fast and easily scale available resources in line with your evolving business. This means your IT infrastructure can easily grow alongside you without the need to buy new equipment while at the same time giving the advanced security capabilities of a private cloud. As a pay-as-you-go model, it unties your cashflow as you only pay for what you actually use each month. What’s more, you may choose to receive individual support to add to your in-house resources as needed or free up your own IT staff for other projects.

Automation: Smart infrastructures.

Modern infrastructures require modern security to match. Complex environments in particular make it difficult to ensure clear visibility into all areas. However, if communication between individual components is spotty and your infrastructure is lacking in transparency, you might soon find yourself with gaping holes in your line of defence. Plus, if you are not in full control of your infrastructure, you’re in a poor position as a company to keep your IT aligned with changing needs. The solution?

  • HPE OneView.

HPE OneView gives organisations a unified management and monitoring solution that spans their entire network and all integrated components. And it allows them to automate many provisioning and monitoring tasks. It does away with the need for a plethora of different tools to take on each job, slashing complexity and making the whole infrastructure much easier to manage. What’s more, the ability to detect and identify issues faster significantly increases network security.

  • Infosight.

With Infosight, HPE injects artificial intelligence into the data centre. Machine learning enables systems to automatically predict and resolve issues, minimise downtime, and ultimately relieve IT staff. Autonomous operations turn your data centre into a self-managing, self-healing and self-optimising asset for your company.

  • HPE Ezmeral.

HPE Ezmeral is a comprehensive software platform designed to advance organisations’ edge-to-cloud digital transformation. It spans a complete portfolio including container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and security. Companies can boost their efficiency, gain all new insights and enhance business agility and innovation.

  • HPE and Pensando.

Fast data analytics can fuel insights that give companies a real edge over the competition and drive an innovative, data-driven way of doing business. As the first solutions providers to deliver software-defined compute, networking, storage and security services to where data is generated, HPE and Pensando enable our customers to dramatically accelerate the analysis and time-to-insight of their data. And there are many more advantages: With network and security services for the data centre residing directly on the server, companies can enhance network and security performance, minimise the complexity and costs associated with their IT infrastructure, and achieve better flexibility and scalability.

The bottom line is that companies today can rely on an array of solutions that help them tackle new and emerging challenges, with the above highlighting just some of the products in HPE’s portfolio. With an offering that is modern, flexible and focused on the future, HPE addresses the real challenges businesses face today and tomorrow.