How will the future with virtual, augmented and mixed reality be? What new applications and business models will we see? How can I retain my competitive edge using VR, AR or MR? How will partnerships across industries evolve? How can I embed immersive technology in my business and at the same time live up to my social responsibility? These are just some of the many questions that are in the focus of the VR Business Club—now collaborating with Bechtle Karlsruhe to get to the bottom of them all.

So what exactly does the VR Business Club do?

  • The club is all about discovering and realising all new digital business models. A variety of events, workshops, VR and video conferences allows users to explore current mixed-reality solutions and discuss possible use cases.
  • Depending on individual requirements, the club can match companies with the right partners from a vast network of various solution providers for immersive technologies.
  • Businesses who are interested in a VR project can rely on the VR Business Club to be by their side from launch to realisation.

The club’s goal is to connect leading suppliers of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality solutions as well as related disruptive technologies with potential users. This enables significant efficiency gains for the long haul and puts companies in a position to retain their competitive edge while saving time and money. And there’s big potential in a great variety of organisations from medium to large enterprises, to start-ups and consultancy services across all industries, and even in cultural institutions.

Why does the club move in with Bechtle?

The cooperation of Bechtle and the VR Business Club allows companies to find solution providers that can meet their specific needs and put them ahead in the race to becoming a digital company.

Interested companies can now take advantage of frequent opportunities to visit the Karlsruhe system house’s digital workplace showroom and the VR Business Club. The demo room enables users to experience technologies and use cases from leading providers within the VR Business Club hands on discover best practices and benefit from direct access to the club’s vast network of experts. The highest standards in terms of technology, data protection, data security and implementation support are a given. Every solution is field-tested in real business scenarios and can be readily implemented.

From assisted reality, to recruiting and employer branding, to training and workplace safety, to sales and marketing—VR, AR and MR can enhance critical areas in medium and large enterprises. The VR Business Club at Bechtle Karlsruhe will also become a contact point for users who would like to get in touch with the club’s experts in person or online and access first-hand knowledge and innovation.

From October 2020, it’s all about the latest technologies to drive the New Work. Various events surrounding the showroom will shine a light on the many details of the subject, beginning with the hybrid launch event on 8 October 2020: Sign up to meet the VR Business Club and experience two hours of pure innovation, start-up pitches and best practices.

Sign up for our launch event or experience the Digital Workplace live at Bechtle Karlsruhe—on site or online at any time!

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