IT Solutions - Jun 17, 2020

Working productively with the MacBook at Bechtle – a field report.

There are times when decisions are made that you never would have thought possible. After 10 years of using Windows at Bechtle, my new work computer was going to be an Apple. The opportunity presented itself and as I already work with Apple at home, the switch wasn’t going to pose any problems. Thankfully, the IT department has a standardised configuration process which they can carry out remotely, and after that was done, I was all set.

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Now, after three months of continuous use, I only have positive things to report! For everyday tasks, I primarily use Microsoft Office with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx/Jabber, Microsoft To Do and, of course, a web browser. All apps are also available natively for Mac and when I want to access SAP, I can use the virtual Windows desktop through Citrix StoreFront while the network drives can searched for in Finder. 


All applications work as Expect them to and even accessing some Windows resources via the virtual desktop is easy. 


It certainly has a lot going for it.

  • Office programs – Check.
  • Access to network drives – Check
  • An immaculate display (downside: Second monitors will become a thing of the past as the Mac’s high resolution and display quality sets such high standards that the cost of buying a display that can meet them would be disproportionately high...)
  • The feel (it’s a new experience every time!)
  • Business phone integration – Sharing files via AirDrop, working with notes and sharing open websites in Safari creates real productivity benefits (iCloud Drive is blocked due to data protection regulations).
  • Linking AirPods with the Mac makes it easy to take part in conferences and the interaction of Mac and iPhone when it comes telephoning is another real plus.


Where is there room for improvement compared to Windows systems?

  •  If you like use a lot of shortcuts, a Mac may take some getting used to.
  • There is currently no Microsoft Teams plugin for Outlook, which means that Teams meetings either have to run in the MS Teams app or Outlook appointments have to be modified after being made to add a Teams online conference. 
  • SSO via central browser IdM doesn’t always work too well (workaround: Windows environment on Citrix).
  • In meeting rooms where Surface Hubs are used instead of ClickShare, you have to connect using the cables.
  • Generally speaking, adapters are a must (I am pretty happy with the Articona model)


I have a 16" MacBook Pro with a new keyboard that is very nice to type on. The benefit of the large display is that it’s perfect for my needs and I don’t need an external monitor anymore, which is a huge advantage in these days of remote working. 


Larger devices are available, but they weigh in at 2kg which is a lot. However, the “MacBook for productivity and iPhone for quick notes on the go/at trade shows or events (incl. voice memos)” mode works very well. 


In short, the Mac is excellent. Software and hardware are perfectly integrated and there are no driver issues or other compatibility problems. All you have to do is open up your MacBook and you’re ready to go!

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This post was published on Jun 17, 2020.