IT Solutions - Oct 20, 2021

Cyber Defense Center: In a race against hackers and time.

In his job as Head of CDC, Niklas Keller demonstrates sprinting qualities as well as staying power. The abbreviation CDC stands for Cyber Defense Center, for which the 30-year-old is responsible in the Bechtle IT system house Austria and as Group-wide coordinator. We talked to him about the complex threat posed by cybercrime and how companies can protect themselves against devastating attacks.

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There is no such thing as one hundred percent certainty..

Niklas Keller


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Christian Grusemann

Business Manager Security



  • Article: Public institutions are increasingly on hacker's radars.
  • Reference: eurofunk combines security and usability thanks to VMware NSX and zero trust.
  • Blog: Email security at schools an universities.



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This post was published on Oct 20, 2021.