Re-think IT security: SonicWall Layered Security.

All-round security from a single source. 


Achieve multi-layer protection for your IT environment with the SonicWall Layered Security concept—from the connection point to the internet via published applications and web services and cloud services to mobile and fixed terminals. Use the technologies to test unknown files in a sealed off sandbox environment before users open them or applications, and control in real-time which web applications, such as Dropbox, YouTube etc, can be used in your network.


Manage your solutions from a central point using the Capture Security Center (CSC), where you can also view and evaluate reporting and analysis information. This also works with encrypted SSL connections. Use this information to make the right IT security decisions.

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Integrated network security.

Comprehensive threat protection at multi-megabit speed.

Next-generation firewalls.

Get scalable, state-of-the-art security with all the power of cloud intelligence. Next-generation SonicWall firewalls ensure that every byte of every package entering or leaving the network is controlled with consistent high performance and low latency. Modern technology like SD WAN lets you automatically use several WAN connections based on their performance quality and the SonicWall Capture Sandboxing service offers you optimum protection—today and tomorrow.



Virtual firewalls.

Secure your public, private or hybrid cloud environment with next-generation virtualised versions of SonicWall firewalls and simplify management with shared management of virtual and physical infrastructure. You decide whether you want to deploy the virtualised firewall (NSv) in your local network or configure it for your requirements as an external operation under Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. 
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Secure SSL access portal for internal/external employees and customers as well as application server protection. Secure Mobile Access (SMA)

Give your mobile workers more options and reduce IT costs with a unified and secure gateway for access with world-class SSL VPN, per app VPN, device authorisation and single sign-on (SSO). Choose the set-up that's right for you. 




Wireless network security. SonicPoint (802.11ac Wave 1) and SonicWave (802.11ac Wave 2)

Want to use the security features of a firewall system for your wireless communication (WiFi) too? With SonicWall SonicPoint and SonicWave WiFi secure access points, you can! Regulate your wireless communication via many WiFi access points centrally in the configuration interface of your SonicWall Firewall system or via Sonic Wall’s hosted cloud management system. Transmit various permissions and authorisation options to up to 8 SSIDs in order to cover internal WiFis, guest WiFis and other areas. And of course, you have full control of which types of communication and applications are allowed on each network. 
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Are you using local anti-virus software that is considerably slowing down your devices?

SonicWall Capture Client uses advanced technologies to protect against new, sophisticated threats such as machine learning and system roll-back. This is possible with machine learning (AI) and a system rollback after a potential case of malicious code. Get to know this new technology that saves system resources and leaps into action when applications behave maliciously.

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E-Mail security.

Deliver a cloud-based security solution to protect your organisation from email threats such as ransomware, zero-day attacks, spear phishing, and business email compromise (BEC) while meeting email compliance and regulatory requirements. Your account manager is happy to help.

Web application firewall.

The SonicWall WAF Series provides advanced web security tools and services to keep compliance data secure, uninterrupted and up and running while under lock and key. It leverages Layer 7 application delivery capabilities that enable application-specific load balancing, SSL offloading and acceleration. Your account manager is happy to help.

Jonas Kaiser



Jonas Kaiser