At Bechtle, we have spent several years tackling the challenges of digitalisation projects in the finance and insurance sector—striving to support our customers on their path to transformation.

There are various fintechs coming onto the market that, although they do not reinvent the wheel, do help customers simplify daily business. Several start-ups for example have developed digital bank solutions. To stay on top of this sector requires a lot of creativity besides the right IT concept. Knowledge of Big Data analytics and multi and hybrid-cloud management as well as the right monitoring tools such as infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and business performance monitoring are absolutely necessary for seamless IT architecture management, and these topics are fundamentally important for many innovations in the sector.

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One of the most important tasks of application performance monitoring tools is correlating different data into one dashboard. This makes it easier to read data logs. It also saves administrators from having to carry out storage-heavy and error-prone manual analyses. This helps to keep a view of the bigger picture, set priorities and make conclusions in real-time, communicate them and act. Use these insights into user interactions and behaviour to uncover programming mistakes and increase business success.

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