Apple Lösungen im Gesundheitswesen

Apple products in the health sector.

Making the health service more efficient And more humane.

Powerful and intuitive tools for healthcare help service providers to work more effectively in clinics, network with patients independent of the location and conduct cutting-edge medicinal research. Apple devices and healthcare apps are making medical practice, treatment delivery and patient engagement in healthcare more efficient–and more connected.

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how to use Apple efficiently.

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Enabling medical personnel to stay in touch.

With apps on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, healthcare providers can offer their patients more efficient and personalised care. Medical professionals can access electronic patient records everywhere in hospital and elsewhere. Caregivers can communicate securely with each other using apps on the iPhone. And patients can use the iPad to stay informed, connected and entertained–using apps to view lab results, communicate with care teams and enjoy media and games.




Your benefits:



iPad, MacBook and iPhone can be easily integrated into processes.


With Apple devices, patient and health data can be accessed quickly and easily.


With the help of iOS apps, patients can also stay in touch with their treatment team at home. Apple Watch, iPhone and HealthApp help capture and share health data.


All Apple products work together seamlessly.



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Brings healthcare home.

At home, Apple products help patients to actively participate in their care. Homecare apps allow patients to monitor their own health and share information with healthcare providers. HealthKit-enabled apps and medical devices give patients an easy way to track health data with the Health app and share it with care teams. The Apple Watch offers options for monitoring heart health and detecting falls. It also encourages users to sit less, move more and exercise.

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iPad. Versatility runs in the family.

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Expanding the reach of medical research.

With ResearchKit, institutions can create iOS and iPadOS apps and use them as powerful tools for medical research. They can be used to register participants, obtain consent forms and collect medical data more frequently—directly from patients. In addition, researchers can increase cohorts without increasing the administrative burden.

Your competent partner in the health service.

The digitalisation of health systems is a monumental task that has occupied stakeholders and decision-makers in Germany and around the world for years.

As a competence centre for telematics infrastructure and eHealth, we accompany our customers on the path of digital transformation in the medical sector. We are the central point of contact for the forward-looking digitalisation projects of our customers and Bechtle units.

With our extensive know-how, the management of the Bechtle Healthcare Community and the support of the system houses, we are the foothold for solution offerings from the healthcare sector.  We accompany our colleagues and customers throughout the entire solution process, from presales/sales phase to project phase to implementation and operation (Managed Service) and the first and second level support.

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