The cloud opens up many opportunities such as nearly unlimited scalability, high flexibility and availability and, last but not least, considerable savings when used correctly. High flexibility, however, is both a blessing and a curse. Additional resources can be added with just a few clicks and disabled after use, but this often requires an IT specialist with a very good level of knowledge about the respective platform and new IT architecture created by the cloud.

With a managed service partner like Bechtle by their side, none of this is an issue for customers, however most don’t want to completely outsource services, which is why our partner IONOS has developed the perfect solution: With the graphic data centre designer, entire data centres can be planned with visualised objects and rolled out at the touch of a button. By focussing on IaaS and IaaS-related services and the visual representation, the cloud’s flexibility is easy to take advantage of—and costs are transparent, too.

No more unexpected costs.

IONOS’s transparent pricing model combined with Bechtle’s cloud dashboard make it child’s play for customers to budget and make savings. The IONOS cloud also has a considerable impact on costs later on, including a granular choice of resources, nearly infinite scalability and short contract terms.

An example: In September 2020, IONOS asked Cloud Spectator to conduct a survey on the topic of storage.

Key results:

  • IONOS cloud Premium SSD Storage delivers more power per euro as the global market leaders as well as better performance.
  • The best compute and storage performance compared with global market leaders.
  • Best value for money for CPU and SSD storage.
  • The IONOS cloud delivered outstanding performance value per euro.

And that’s not all. IONOS data centres in Europe are subject to strict data protection regulations and are fully GDPR-compliant. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch!