IT Solutions - Apr 29, 2021

Secure private and hybrid cloud solutions made by Bechtle.

With Bechtle Virtual Private Cloud and Managed Firewall.

Businesses want their cloud services to be hosted in German data centres. The services should be highly available and flexible in line with a hybrid cloud approach, and deployment should be from a central data centre but also various other locations. A self-service portal and a transparent, calculable invoicing model are also essential. We’ll show you how Bechtle can support you with this model and secure a connection to the cloud by means of a Managed Firewall solution.

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Challenges of a customer-own infrastructure.

Companies are increasingly being confronted with challenges when it comes to operating traditional IT infrastructures in their own data centres. Operation and maintenance require experienced IT staff and this impacts on personnel costs. The infrastructure has to be constantly maintained and expanded while ensuring that it remains up and running around the clock, but data backup scenarios are becoming ever more complex as a result of the constant increase in data volumes. The result is data centres that quickly reach the limits of their capabilities. To make matters worse, cybercrime is growing and therefore also the need for expertise and time that has to be invested in professional security management. With all this plus having to ensure adherence to rules and compliance regulations, the whole scenario quickly turns into a nightmare for every IT manager in companies where IT infrastructure is still run independently.

Private or public? Hybrid!

With its virtual private cloud solution and additional Managed Firewall Services, Bechtle has an answer to the issues just mentioned. Our private cloud solution hosted in the customer’s own data centre provides high levels of control and security thanks to private servers, which are generally used by financial institutions and authorities and other medium-size to large organisations with enterprise-critical operations. The virtual private cloud solution is hosted in Bechtle Hosting & Operations’ German Tier 3+ geographically separated data centres and has a guaranteed availability of 99.95%. No matter if the customer chooses a private, virtual private or hybrid cloud, they’ll receive an enterprise cloud solution that meets their highest availability and performance demands.

Value for our customers.

Our hybrid cloud solution bundles all the benefits of a private cloud hosted at the customer’s site with those of a virtual private cloud hosted in our data centres in one cloud model. In this way our hybrid cloud can offer high flexibility and the lower costs of a purely public cloud—all with a transparent and calculable invoicing model. Above all, however, the option to upgrade to our Managed Firewall gives our customers the increased levels of security and data protection they need.

Businesses profit from lower costs but maintain flexibility and the option to securely save sensitive data in-house. In our hybrid cloud, users can manage their cloud versions via the self-service portal, freeing up our customers to concentrate on their core business.

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This post was published on Apr 29, 2021 and updated on Sep 22, 2023.