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Cloud or no cloud. Why it’s worth getting to know the alternatives.

Providers like to present cloud computing as the ideal path towards digital transformation. While it’s true that the subscription-based provisioning of IT resources, data and applications offers plenty of benefits, it’s also connected with several risks. Our four-part webinar series will show you what you need to be aware of before making the decision to migrate to the cloud, as well as what the alternatives are.

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Cloud computing is growing in popularity in Germany.

Germany companies have long been hesitant about the cloud with a cloud monitor study carried out by Bitkom Research and KPMG five years ago showing that over 50 per cent of those surveyed saying that public cloud computing wasn’t on the agenda for them while 17 per cent had absolutely no interest in the cloud provisioning. Last year, however, only three per cent admitted being sceptical of the cloud.

Reasons for cloud repatriation.

However, global figures show that there is a decline in this trend. According to the market research company, IDC, more than three quarters of businesses have migrated their workloads from the public cloud to a local or hosted private infrastructure. The main factors behind this cloud repatriation are security concerns, compliance conflicts, costs and technical issues, excessive latencies or to too-high bandwidth requirements.

The cloud isn’t a sure-fire success.

Cloud repatriation tends to be the result of a lack of planning. Cloud services are so easy to use, they tend to draw people into buying cloud resources without thinking about what the consequences could be. The result is a jungle of cloud services that open up the IT infrastructure to vulnerabilities and a huge volume of management-related work that hinder rather than help the digital transformation.

Make informed decisions.

Before businesses set off on their cloud journeys, they should inform themselves and consider the alternatives. Our webinar series can offer valuable tips to get started. In practical talks, you’ll learn:

  • What the cloud has in common with a pizza and how you can find the perfect recipe for your business.
  • The five steps on a successful path towards the digital transformation and the role the cloud plays.
  • How the transformer manufacturer, SGB-SMIT, successfully migrated it’s decentralised IT into a globally scalable multi-cloud environment.
  • Why INSYS Microelectronics smart gateways are the perfect interface between IT and OT and how IT as a Service can help businesses stay at the cutting edge.

Register today! We’ll show you if the cloud is the right provisioning model for you and what alternatives you have.

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This post was published on Feb 18, 2022.