1. 1. How does Bechtle support companies that want to take on a future-secure stance towards their work environment?

With modern technologies, bespoke concepts and reliable implementation. We improve collaboration with new tools and provide transparency while optimising processes. We provide the basis for digital workplaces and hence for a future-oriented, efficient and agile workplace.

  1. 2. How do you approach this task?

As holistically as possible. Based on whatever the customer has in mind, we create the perfect IT roadmap. We consult and implement solutions, involve employees, and offer exclusive support services and standardised managed services. We strive to be a technology partner that has the answers to all technical questions concerning the complete IT lifecycle.

  1. 3. Your good relations to the manufacturers must help here.

Definitely. Our customers are looking for new solutions, but they have to be proven, too. We’re always talking to the manufacturers to stay up to date. Our certifications enable us early access to exclusive information and new products. We’re have our finger on the pulse and can react to the latest developments to find the best options for our customers.

  1. 4. What added value does the growing Modern Workplace Community at Bechtle offer?

Our large and active community is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the subject, and this is decisive for the success of our customers’ projects. Within our community there are countless multi-vendor experts that are totally focussed on our six Modern Workplace focus points—Modern Deployment & Management, Modern Meeting, Modern Communication, Extended Reality, Digital Office as well as User Adoption & Change Management.

  1. 5. How has the customer’s attitude towards the topic of Modern Workplace changed in recent years?

They’re no longer blindly focussed on technologies, but are now willing to implement changes and adjust their mindset. In the modern world of work, strategic organisational goals and the requirements of employees are coordinated perfectly.

  1. 6. What kind of topics come up here?

The current leap in digitalisation is supporting new working models in the areas of work-life integration, collaboration and remote work. Whether it’s shared desk, process and workflow automation, virtual or augmented reality, it’s important to secure the long term success of our customers.

  1. 7. Sounds like sustainable progress.

Yes, it is. Also because Modern Workplace projects are increasingly taking into account optimising energy and resource efficiency. With this change in mindset, companies are developing into agile organisations. Extensive consultation and accompanying change management are becoming more and more decisive, sustainable success factors.

Christian Malzacher, Business Manager, Bechtle

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