We examine the status quo, determine individual objectives and support companies through the entire transformation process and beyond.

Christian Malzacher, Business Manager, Modern Workplace, Bechtle AG

1. Remote work – Future or fad?

Employee expectations are wide-ranging and attractive companies offer their teams flexibility in terms of workplace and hours—with benefits for both sides.  

2. Working hours vs Results Where does the future lie?

Transparency is increasingly important in the hybrid workplace. Roles are clearly defined and tasks are definitively formulated. It’s not the hours worked that count, but the end results.

3. Mindset or technique – Which comes out on top?

With strategic change management, companies involve their employees in the transformation process. Staff who are expected to use the new solutions and process have to understand and accept them. A tangible transformation strategy is crucial in all project phases.

4. Are parameters superseding strict rules?

Leaders set the parameters in which their teams can organise themselves. Agile teams are able to react quicker to new situations and flexibility is the weapon needed to counteract the challenges of a modern workplace.

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