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Cisco's digital future.

– Digitalisation is anything but dull.

Digitalisation is changing the way people live and work. Every businesses’ and institutions’ departments are affected and supply chains, structures and business models are constantly evolving. Digitalisation is not a technology in its own right, but rather a guide that can be used by companies and public authorities. It’s essential to leverage modern technology in order to fully exploit the potential held by digitalisation. As IT experts you can rely on, Bechtle and Cisco will show you how you can make the digital transformation work for you.

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Marius Frey
“Motivated and agile businesses can benefit significantly from digitalisation by incorporating digital changes into their corporate philosophy at a very early stage.”
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Cisco digitalisation report.

Cisco in Germany. Contributing to a digital future.


Digital production and logistics.



research & teaching.



Digital Finance &
Insurance Sector.

Key benefits of a digital transformation.

Increase in agility.

Efficient ways of working.

Higher product quality.

More information.

New business models.

Enhanced customer orientation.

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