IT Solutions - Mar 25, 2020

Collaboration solutions from Dell Technologies: Scalable and future-proof.

Interdepartmental collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Companies looking to make changes to how they collaborate are faced with a multitude of questions: Which solution is right? How can we work affordably at the cutting edge? Stefan Chiarcos, Business Development Manager, and Robbi Teichfischer, Field Product Manager Displays and Client Peripherals, both from Dell Technologies answer these and many other questions in our interview.

Why is collaboration an important subject for companies?


Stefan Chiarcos: To answer that, we need to cast an eye over how things stand in today’s world. Advancing digitalisation, globalisation, the gig economy, but also Brexit are influencing the labour market and the way we work together. It’s becoming crucial for employees to be able to work across physical boundaries as businesses are working to minimise travel costs. New ways to collaborate are becoming increasingly decisive for corporate success.


In this context, which challenges are companies faced with?


Robbi Teichfischer: Our customers often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their management or the specialist departments give them the task of equipping their conference rooms with the latest and most creative tools while at the same time being told to keep costs to a minimum. On top of that, the solutions market is large and confusing and our customers often don’t have time to try and get a handle on the situation. The central question then is always in relation to what is available in the area of collaboration. When we demonstrate the range of possibilities open to them, our customers are always pleasantly surprised.


The focus is on conference room solutions. Why should business take a closer look at how their meeting rooms are equipped and which solutions do Dell Technologies offer?


Robbi Teichfischer: Conference rooms tend to be a central hub when it comes to interdepartmental collaboration, and so if they are equipped to the latest standards, team work becomes much easier. Professional display solutions that enable seamless video conferences and therefore efficient collaboration are extremely important, and increasingly so as they replace projectors and televisions.


Stefan Chiarcos: It’s quite rare that conference rooms need to be completely redesigned, for example, in the event of renovations. It’s much more usual that customers would like to refresh what they have and replace outdated hardware with something new. We make it possible to continue using existing equipment, for example if a camera is still working, but the display needs to be replaced. Or the display will be kept, but the PC running in the background needs to be updated. Additional expenses for IT certifications aren’t necessary. It’s an open model that reduces investment costs and is greatly appreciated by our customers.


How do you ensure that the Dell Technologies’ products are developed in accordance with customers’ needs?


Stefan Chiarcos: Our daily business revolves around remaining in constant contact with our customers. We have Customer Advisory Councils which customers can register for, and we also receive valuable first-hand feedback at our regular roadshows and customer events, which we can use to help us develop our products and solutions.


Robbi Teichfischer: Our focus is firmly on the scalability of our solutions and on making them usable in as many scenarios as possible. Each customer has individual needs that we want to and can take into account.

One more question: What is the collaboration with Bechtle like?


Stefan Chiarcos: At Dell Technologies, we offer an open platform that enables us to collaborate with our partners. Bechtle takes on responsibility for end-to-end deployment. As several Bechtle IT systems integrators leverage our solutions themselves, they can use their experience to advise customers, even giving them the opportunity to view solutions on site. In short, this is a future-oriented partnership with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. 


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This post was published on Mar 25, 2020.