Pictures: © Bas Uterwijk

Bas Uterwijk has been using digital image editing, special effects and 3D animations for many years. He started out experimenting with neural networks trained in processing human faces. After he succeeded in creating what he thought was a realistic version of Billy the Kid, he began to use AI to process various paintings and sculptures to create photo-realistic portraits with Bas Uterwijk adding his own input to the software, for example, with regard to the use of light.

Henry McCarty, also William H. Bonney, Henry Antrim, or Kid Antrim, better known as Billy the Kid, is one of the most famous legendary figures in Western history as a gunslinger.

A differing number of drawings and paintings for the basis of the end result. For Lady Liberty, 15 photos were used, while at least 35 were processed for Vincent van Gogh. The richer the input, the more differentiated the result. Bas Uterwijk sometimes has to intervene to make the image more historically accurate.

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Known in Italian as La Gioconda - from which its French name La Joconde is derived - the painting was probably named after the Florentine Lisa del Giocondo.

Bas Uterwijk uses the artbreeder program and the AI software is trained to detect and process typical facial features using templates. The resulting portraits are then sometimes modified or refined.

Photo artist Bas Uterwijk lives in Amsterdam and so it can come as no surprise that Rembrandt is also included in the AI-generated portrait collection. This and many other portraits of famous personalities can be admired here.

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