Bechtle and VMware offer all-in-one cloud package.

In co-operation with a business provider, Bechtle is the first in Germany to bring a hybrid VMmare-based cloud solution onto the market. Bechtle provides customers with standardised, cloud-capable computer centres with access to external resources. This way, businesses maintain control over their data and the management of their entire infrastructures, but can draw as needed on services from the computer centre of a VMware-reviewed enterprise cloud provider in Germany.


Neckarsulm, 6 October 2011 – Bechtle is co-operating with VMware to offer business customers tailored cloud solutions. Bechtle is responsible for expanding computer centre infrastructures to private clouds, while leaving management of processes and the hybrid infrastructure, as well as control of data, in the customer's hands. Customers also have access to VMware cloud computer centre services from a certified provider. This enables customers to run applications in their private clouds and manage them securely. However, they can also transfer applications to a hosted public cloud.


Cloud-capable computer centre — customers maintain control.

The cloud solution is based on VMware's virtualisation platforms vSphere and vCloud Director. "Our customers profit from a high level of automation with a low administration overhead. What's more, we achieve maximum flexibility, defined by the actual requirements of applications. The result is a dynamic, efficient and affordable IT-as-a-service solution," says Roland König, Head of Virtualisation at Bechtle AG.


Bechtle's and VMware's co-operation enables them to provide an all-in-one cloud package: While Bechtle takes charge of the development and operation of the customer's computer centre, VMware provides the necessary technology. The business provider then prepares the entire infrastructure, which consists of computing power, storage, security, networks, and the infrastructure software and management tools required. Beyond this point, customers can individually define the level of service they need.


"With our hybrid solution, we offer the ideal entry into the cloud by combining a private cloud—in other words, our customer's own virtualised computer centre—with components from the public cloud, namely the computer centre capacity which can be drawn on as needed, and the services associated with it," says Roland König. He adds: "The special feature of this solution is that our customers have a complete package, including service and security layers, while maintaining control over their data and infrastructure. This eliminates one of the major obstacles in deciding for a cloud solution". In addition to setting up the infrastructure, Bechtle also offers downstream Managed Services for computer centre operation.

Roland König
Jörg Hesske