Bechtle proposes increased dividend in the wake of record year.


Neckarsulm, 15/02/2012 – Against the backdrop of the excellent business development in 2011 and the group's sound financial resources and liquidity, the Executive Board of Bechtle AG proposes a dividend distribution totalling 1.00 euros per share (previous year: 0.75 euros). The dividend is composed of two parts—a regular dividend in the amount of 0.85 euros (an increase of 10 euro cents or over 13 per cent compared to the previous year) and a one-off special dividend of 0.15 euros. This equals a total increase of 25 euro cents, or over 33 per cent compared to the previous year. The distribution proposal is subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board in its next meeting in March 2012 as well as the approval of the shareholders of Bechtle AG at the AGM on 19 June 2012.