Secure Cloudshare by Bechtle.

  • Bechtle Secure Cloudshare provides secure storage and file sharing
  • Business solution for better data protection and security
  • osted in Bechtle’s own data centre in Friedrichshafen

Neckarsulm/Friedrichshafen, 28 October 2013 – Bechtle Secure Cloudshare (BSC) provides an easy, fast and secure business platform for sharing content with employees and business partners. All data are stored in a Bechtle data centre in Germany.


With BSC, Bechtle offers both mid-sized companies and large corporations a central platform for highly secure and traceable file sharing, making sure that confidential data is protected at all times. Hosted on the customer site as a virtual appliance or in Bechtle’s own data centre in Friedrichshafen, the solution integrates seamlessly with existing business processes and is also available as an app for iPhone and Android. “Customers can even choose to customise the BSC interface with their own corporate design. But more importantly, it’s easy to use, thus improving user experience and acceptance among employees,” explains Sven Stiefvater of Hosting Services at the Bechtle IT system house in Friedrichshafen. For instance, the plat-form can be incorporated into the customer's corporate structure as a logi-cal drive or using an Outlook plug-in.


Data encryption in the cloud.

Encrypted data transfer is crucial for businesses. “Many providers support secure file transfers using HTTPS, but ultimately store data in the cloud in an unencrypted form”, says Mr Stiefvater. In this case, effective data protection cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, if data are stored outside of Germany, they are no longer protected by German law. BSC, however, is risk-free, as all data are stored on an SSL-encrypted share in Germany. Triple encryption technology ensures that corporate data are encrypted on the client, during transfer, and on the server, without interruption. Thus, the solution offers one of the strongest security standards available today.


User demand.

A study conducted by industry association BITKOM shows that cloud storage is not merely a passing fad. In fact, 59% of cloud application users save presentations, correspondence, datasheets and more in the cloud. User behaviour has also changed dramatically with the growing number of smartphones and tablets; today, files must be available round the clock to share with colleagues or partners via a simple, browser-based GUI. “To prevent further uncontrolled growth, businesses need a solution on par with the user-friendliness of popular consumer platforms,” asserts Mr Stiefvater. That's why BSC comes with a host of built-in collaboration features, such as individual or group-based user rights management, comment functions and more. Public download links with optional password protection or scheduled expiration deadlines let users share files with business partners.


A BSC app is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android, providing con-venient access to the platform for users on the road. Files can be opened straight in the app or downloaded to an encrypted partition on the mobile device to make them available offline. Based on a platform developed by secure services provider SSP Europe, the solution is hosted in the data centre at Bechtle’s IT system house in Friedrichshafen.


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Find out more about BSC in this video.