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Bechtle launches its own IT accessories brand with ARTICONA

  • Wide range of IT accessories and connection solutions
  • High quality at affordable prices 
  • Continuous portfolio development 

Neckarsulm, 3 September 2018 – ARTICONA is Bechtle’s new own brand. The portfolio consists of 1,400 products related to IT accessories and connection technology. Purchases can be made through the sales teams at the Bechtle systems integrators, Bechtle direct and ARP as well as via the Bechtle and ARP online platforms. The goal is to offer high quality ARTICONA products at affordable prices.

Under the ARTICONA brand, Bechtle and its subsidiary ARP now sell a wide range of products for the IT workplace: from input devices such as keyboards, touch pads and mice and accessories for mobile working such as protective cases, privacy filters, power banks and adapters, to cables, storage media inks and toners. “ARTICONA products offer exceptional value for money meaning our customers can watch their budget without compromising on quality”, says Marc von Aschwege, Head of Business Development, Bechtle E-Commerce Holding AG.  


Three-level quality checking

The quality of ARTICONA products is assured in a three-level quality checking process. In stage one, the products’ designs are checked in a sample test. In a second step, the products are tested once again during an incoming goods inspection at the Bechtle and ARP logistics centres. In addition, external specialists on-site in Asia regularly check the manufacturer’s quality standards. “Constantly checking ensures ARTICONA’s most important value: high quality”, explains Andrea Matt, Head of Own Brand, Bechtle E-Commerce Holding AG. 


Taiwan office

Having an office in Taiwan means that ARTICONA has direct contact with the manufacturers, enabling a quick implementation of market trends and the latest technical developments. Products are stored at the Bechtle Group’s two logistics centres in Neckarsulm and Rotkreuz, Switzerland ensuring high product availability, with product managers responsible for expanding the product range. “This eliminates the need for dealers, and the savings we make are passed on to our customers, who can purchase high-quality products at affordable prices”, explains Andrea Matt.


Close to the customer with an eye on trends

By developing its portfolio with ARTICONA, Bechtle is focussing on customer proximity. “We have built up an internal network of brand ambassadors, who are an important link between our sales and product managers and help us to pass on feedback from customers, share knowledge, and so help further develop the portfolio in line with customer requirements”, says Marc von Aschwege. The current portfolio of over 1,400 ARTICONA products will be continuously expanded over the coming months. 



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