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Bechtle records all-time high in trainee numbers

  • Bechtle boasts 636 vocational trainees and students from partnering universities
  • Award-winning training offered in 15 professions and cooperative degree programmes

Neckarsulm, 28. September 2018 In 2018, over 200 young people join Bechtle on a variety of vocational training and university programmes. This brings the number of budding professionals in 15 commercial and technical fields at the IT company up to 636—more than ever before.


Nearly half of the young people are joining Bechtle to learn a technical vocation. The majority of the other half have embarked on a vocational training path in a commercial field, followed by some 100 university students pursuing different technical and business degrees. In total, Bechtle offers vocational training and cooperative study opportunities in 15 different professions and degree programmes. These include popular careers in information technology, wholesale and foreign trade, and consulting. Students coming from cooperative universities pursue degrees in traditional fields such as business administration, but also in business informatics and online media. “On the one hand, our varied catalogue for students and vocational trainees is part of our corporate social responsibility. On the other, it plays to the interests of our young recruits. We are mentoring an up-and-coming generation of excellently trained and highly qualified young professionals that we so urgently need in the IT sector. With our students and vocational trainees, we are inviting the living and breathing future into our organisation every year; we are actively investing in the experts of tomorrow,” says Dr Thomas Olemotz, CEO, Bechtle AG.


Excellence in training

Bechtle’s educational programmes have garnered a number of awards. Most recently, Bechtle’s Neckarsulm location received the Dualis seal of quality by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the Heilbronn-Franken region. Bechtle’s junior recruits are in in excellent hands. Following an intensive orientation event, they can take advantage of extensive, in-house seminars throughout their training, covering a broad range of topics from effective phone communication to delivering professional presentations and even IT certifications. Dedicated mentors offer students and vocational trainees advice and support every step of the way. All this makes for a very hands-on education experience, allowing young people to assume concrete responsibilities early on. “Bechtle offers an intensive training regimen that requires total commitment from both parties. At the end of the day, it is absolutely worth it. The high number of former students and vocational trainees who stay with Bechtle, and in particular the impressive careers of those who now make up a large share of our specialist and leadership positions, are testament to its success,” says Dr Thomas Olemotz.

AZUBIT informs young people

With the vocational training year well under way, and cooperative university students about to begin the practical part of their education in October, the company is already preparing for the next generation that will come in 2019. Bechtle is setting up booths at numerous in-house and external education fairs to inform students of career opportunities in IT at an early stage. In addition, Bechtle offers a web portal at dedicated to vocational training, university programmes and internships in the Bechtle Group. Here, current and former “AZUBITs” blog about their experience, discuss the challenges of cooperative degree programmes, talk about what it’s like to work for Bechtle, and field questions from students about to kickstart their own careers.

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