Solidpro expands 3D printing activities

  • New partnership with US manufacturer Desktop Metal Inc.
  • Metal 3D printing solutions new addition to Solidpro range

Langenau/Neckarsulm, 5 June 2018 – Solidpro GmbH, a Bechtle Group company, is expanding its 3D printing solutions with the aid of Desktop Metal Inc. (Burlington, Massachusetts, USA). Desktop Metal’s innovative metal 3D printers complement the Solidpro portfolio, in addition to HP 3D printers, with a system solution that enables printing, debinding and sintering.

In 2017, Solidpro took an innovative step towards expanding their sphere of business and process chain when they adopted HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and entered the additive manufacturing market. Together with Desktop Metal Inc., advanced metal 3D printing is making its way into German companies.


Desktop Metal was founded in 2015 by experts from the high-tech manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics industries to bring affordable metal 3D printing to construction and production. The company can rely on prestigious investors such as BMW, Ford, Stratasys, Google, among others, and was selected as one of the world’s 30 most promising technology pioneers by the World Economic Forum in 2017.


In May 2017 “Studio System”, consisting of printer, debinder and sintering furnace, became the first office-friendly and affordable metal 3D printing system for quick prototype manufacturer. As opposed to laser based systems, that selectively melt powdered metal, the printer extrudes metal rods that are connected to one another, similar to fused deposition modelling (FDM). This means that safety regulations often associated with a metal 3D printer are not required. 

Desktop Metal is the first company to develop a 3D printer system able to manufacture large quantities, for the mass production of high resolution metal parts. “Production System” will be available in the first quarter of 2019.


“In addition to HP’s existing 3D printing portfolio, we are proud to tap the potential of Desktop Metal’s metal 3D printing technology for customers in Germany and look forward to a successful collaboration.,” says Werner Meiser, Managing Director of Solidpro GmbH. “We are pleased to have found an expert in 3D printing and product development for our end-to-end solution for printing complex metal parts in Solidpro,” adds Pete Jain, Regional Director Central Europe, Desktop Metal Inc.


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