Bechtle signs up to the Charta der Vielfalt

  • Reaffirming the principles of fairness and appreciation
  • Diversity to enrich the company

Neckarsulm, 20 May 2020 – In supporting the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), Bechtle is actively promoting diversity within the Group and has become part of one of the largest employer initiatives and diversity management networks in Germany. The aim of the initiative is to highlight recognition, appreciation, and integration of diversity in business culture. Dr Thomas Olemotz signed the charter as the CEO of Bechtle AG on 27 April.

Signatories to the Charta der Vielfalt commit themselves to creating a work environment free from prejudice and which appreciates all employees—regardless of gender and gender identity, nationality, ethical background, religion or world view, disabilities, age, sexual orientation and identity. As a signatory, Bechtle affirms the company’s firmly anchored principles of non-discrimination and ensures equal appreciation for all of its workforce. In September 2018, Bechtle signed the UN Global Compact, committing on an international level to actively combatting discrimination in hiring and employment.


“Diversity and fair treatment of each other are key Bechtle values. It is not uncommon today to have three different generations and people of completely different cultural backgrounds working together in our teams. A company benefits when its employees are made up of a wide range of different personalities who are able to contribute and further develop their skills. This is why we value and encourage diversity,” says Dr Thomas Olemotz.


Initiatives for diverse development of Bechtle

The company is currently present in 14 European countries and employs people from some 80 nations. Bechtle also provides training to support all talented and ambitious employees in planning their careers in the form of seminars, mentoring programmes, and coaching. Moreover, Bechtle has made itself an even more attractive employer with the internal “Women@Bechtle – Grow with Bechtle” initiative to encourage an increase in the proportion of women in the company and particularly in leadership positions.


As part of its diverse recruiting activities, Bechtle tries to win over girls and young women for a career at Bechtle, with events such as Girls' Day, which take place across Germany. Since 2018, Bechtle employees have been supporting the WOMENT2 mentoring programme run by the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. The programme supports female students transitioning from their studies to employment, while motivating them to aim for a leadership role.

Press Release
Dr. Thomas Olemotz